Monitoring .NET based Desktop Applications

Monitor, analyze, and debug your managed standalone applications. Optimize performance and user experience by resolving errors in real-time.

Managed Standalone Apps

.NET desktop applications, also known as managed standalone applications, are self-contained apps that do not require a web browser to work.

These apps are useful for quick prototyping and does not require centralization, standard setup or protocols.

.NET Desktop Applications
Monitor managed standalone apps

Monitoring Desk Apps

Since desktop applications are decentralized, if a customer runs into any problems, it may be a while before the issue is identified and fixed. This makes testing crucial.

With the APM Insight .NET agent, you can easily identify performance bottlenecks during development and fix them with ease.

With APM Insight .NET Agent you can

Debug easily

Analyze your errors and exceptions and fix them with minimum overhead time.

Resolve problems faster

Say goodbye to logs - understand the root cause of your problem instantly and resolve issues.

Identify slowness

Add your own methods and classes and eliminate slowness.

Optimize DB performance

Track the performance of ADO.NET and optimize your Database calls.

Monitor UI Events

Instrument UI events and analyze their performance.

Visualize external components

Understand your entire application topology.

Service Performance Monitoring

Service Performance Monitoring

Services are long-running background processes without any GUI; these processes provide a standardized set of management functions such as start and stop. Monitor the performance of Windows services developed in .NET and optimize their performance.

One Agent for all non-web apps

APM Insight .NET Agent acts as a one stop solution for all your non web applications like

  • WPF apps
  • Windows form names
  • Console applications
  • Class libraries
  • Windows Services and more.

Monitor your .NET Desk apps and Web apps with ease.

Monitor .NET apps