Linux Syslog Monitoring from the Cloud (SaaS)

Syslog Management for Exceptional App and Server Performance. Real time monitoring of Linux syslogs for sysadmins and security professionals to tackle downtime, performance drop and security violations through instant alerts.

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Monitor Syslogs across your Entire IT Environment

Monitor Specific Log Patterns

Minimize time and effort in identifying errors across tons of syslogs. Get notified instantly when set occurrences of an error or specific log pattern occur.

Track Security Violations

Identify unexpected behavior such as authentication violations, insecure user activity and more, ensuring server and app security.

Reduce Severity of Outages

Identify the severity of business interruptions and resolve them based on gravity.

Minimize Syslog Noise

Classify syslogs based on facility, source and keyword match. Mitigate syslog noise caused by repeated status messages.

Monitor Error Events

Get notified instantly about errors associated with event facilities such as clock daemon, kernel, FTP and more before end-users are affected.

Track Syslog Events for Failures

Identify faults in hard disks, drives, memory and more for improved reliability.

Monitor Application Logs

Analyze and get notified instantly when applications crash or when performance degrades.

Beyond Syslog Monitoring

Monitor performance issues and resource usage in Linux servers along with syslogs with Site24x7 Server Monitoring

How it Works?

Step 1

Sign up, download and install the Linux server monitoring agent.

Step 2

Add Linux Syslog checks to a Resource Check Profile and associate with the server

Step 3

Configure alerts to be notified via SMS, Email to execute actions