Juniper Flow (J-Flow) Monitoring

Sort network traffic by application, protocol, and conversation during analysis, so that you can obtain a complete picture of network usage by your Juniper devices. J-Flow monitoring is the collection, analysis, and monitoring of data flow packets that flow through your network.

What is J-Flow?

J-Flow is data flow sampling technology developed by Juniper Networks. J-Flow is configured by default in all Juniper routers and switches. It works by monitoring each packet that flows inside a network. It allows packets in the input stream to be sampled when enabled on an interface. J-Flow records any network activity from the configured devices and saves information for a collector to retrieve and process.

Single-pane bandwidth monitoring for your J-Flow devices

Stay on top of your network throughput

With detailed stats on traffic flow across each interface, obtain complete visibility into what and how much traffic has flown across your network along with from whom. Pinpoint anomalies, identify peak hours, and avert potential bottlenecks.

Optimize bandwidth usage

View the application and port-wise bandwidth consumption to know the top-used applications. The source and destination IP addresses for each conversation will give you a clear picture of who used your network.

Halt excessive usage with thresholds

Configure threshold limits for key performance metrics at the device and interface level. You'll receive alerts instantly when any of the configured limits are breached, so you can block the port or application to stop data consumption.

Enhance network analysis using reports

Generate, export, and download consolidated reports on network security so that you can compare and analyze traffic stats and usage trends over stipulated periods.

Easy-to-interpret graphs for J-Flow traffic analysis

JFlow conversations
Conversation-wise traffic split-up
JFlow interfaces
J-Flow interface details
JFlow templates
DSCP templates to classify traffic sources
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