Azure Service Bus Monitoring

Monitor Service Bus resources, and get real time performance insights to troubleshoot messaging issues.

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Analyze brokerage messaging

Gain visibility into critical usage; get the throughput stats of queues, relays, topics, event hubs, and subscriptions; and track the connectivity between producers and consumers. Monitor the exchange of messages between various devices, and configure alarms to get notified about any issues. Auto-resolve performance and availability issues with IT Automation.

Track the messages in queues

Keep tabs on active messages, and be alerted when a message expires and moves to a dead letter queue. Analyze all the messages that are scheduled, and get insights into queue usage and throughput health, availability, status, errors, and more.

Monitor topics and subscription

Gain microscopic visibility into incoming and outgoing message rates in topics and subscriptions. Stay alerted when the health of a resource goes down, and identify the root cause of failed requests. Analyze vital metrics like used size, free size, failed requests, and more to troubleshoot issues effectively.

Ensure zero communication errors

Monitor relay listeners' stats like relay type, relay bytes, listener count, errors, availability, health, and more. Get notified on the inactive status of the listener, and configure notifications to ensure messages through relays are free from any errors.

Monitor all your Azure services with our AI-powered monitoring tool.

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