Site24x7 Health Check for your Azure Deployments

Monitor the health of your services and ensure 100 percent availability during deployments. Seamlessly integrate with Site24x7, and receive instant alerts on any service health issues.

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Control and Manage the Flow of your Deployments

Ensure staged rollouts are successful.

Stop unhealthy updates before they're propagated through Azure Deployment Manager (ADM). Get updates on potential issues, and prevent faulty updates from spreading to multiple regions or data centers. Sign up for a Site24x7 account or log in to get the JSON snippet that needs to be included in your ADM JSON file to start your health check now! Learn more.

How it Works

Once the Site24x7 JSON snippet has been copied and pasted into the ADM JSON file, Site24x7 will verify every step of your deployment. If successful, the deployment will move to the next service unit.

The Complete Monitoring Tool to Solve all your Needs

Monitor the resource utilization and operational health of 100+ Azure products in near real-time.
Agent-based monitoring for your Windows, Linux, VMware hosts, FreeBSD, Docker, and macOS servers.
Gauge performance attributes of Microsoft applications, including Exchange, IIS, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Hyper-V.