AWS Lambda Monitoring

Monitor Amazon's Function as a service platform – AWS Lambda. Collect metrics on function activity, code execution time and errors to optimize performance.

A custom dashboard displaying AWS Lambda performance metrics using line charts

Get complete picture into your serverless Lambda environment

Measure key performance counters including invocations, errors, duration, and throttles. Configure alarms to identify function latencies and code execution bottlenecks and debug function errors/crashes with log support.

How long did your application code take to execute?
How many times invocation requests were throttled?
How many times the function was invoked?
How many times invocation failed due to errors?
Why is the function not working as expected?

Everything you need – Metrics, alarms, logs and dashboards

Set up thresholds for your Lambda performance counters


Trigger automatic notifications based on threshold violations for multiple statistics of the same attribute.

time series graph for function execution duraion


View time series data in preconfigured line graph widgets to understand performance trends and behavior of your serverless function.

View logs generated from your code

Function Log prints

Collect recent code execution logs in near real-time to identify and troubleshoot errors in your application code causing invocation failures.

Visually monitor the health of your serverless functions

Health Status

Get a combined view to visually monitor the performance of your Lambda function along with other upstream and downstream services.

Count of active Lambda functions


View configuration and resource count details for your monitored Lambda service to get more context.

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