Amazon S3 Monitoring

From collecting service-level storage data and request metrics to proactively monitoring object endpoint URLs from global locations, gain a better understanding of your Amazon S3 environment.

Amazon S3 monitoring

Monitor Amazon S3 ecosystem in real-time

Monitor Amazon S3

Analyze storage patterns and growth

How much are you storing? Monitor metrics including bucket size and object count to track storage usage and capacity growth. Receive notifications when usage exceeds your specified value.

Monitor S3 with bucket request pattern chart

Understand request rate and retrieval pattern

Track the operational health of your storage infrastructure with request and error metrics. Monitor the request rate and analyze data access patterns on a bucket-level basis to choose the appropriate storage class. You can also track client/server HTTP error codes to isolate and act on them.

Time series chart displaying bucket data transfer

Optimize performance for your workload

Improve the performance of your S3-powered website or mobile app by monitoring critical performance metrics including total request latency and first-byte latency. Track bandwidth usage with the bytes downloaded/uploaded metric to keep an eye on your costs.

AWS S3 monitoring metrics


Configure policy-driven thresholds to define optimum usage. Our alarms engine watches over your buckets and alerts you when metric data points exceed your specified value so you can respond quickly.


Preconfigured time series graphs to see information on current and historical storage usage, custom dashboards to can keep an eye on critical request metrics, color-coded system dashboard to gain a high-level overview of bucket health and more.


Schedule reports and share them with your peers. Get basic analysis reports such as health trends, availability summary, and top N reports for each supported attribute, or build a custom report by bringing together metrics from multiple buckets.

Data retention

With one-hour and one-day data points available for three and five years respectively, you can quickly identify monthly trends and storage growth patterns to make more informed decisions about your objects' storage environment.

Other AWS services

Monitor multiple AWS services through one platform. Easily monitor compute resources, serverless functions, SQL/NoSQL data stores, caching solutions, pub/sub systems, and load-balancing services in your AWS platform.

AI-powered Amazon S3 monitoring

Site24x7 provides a holistic AWS monitoring experience with the right set of features.


Best practices to monitor AWS

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Getting started with S3 Monitoring

Get started with monitoring Amazon S3 buckets and S3 end points.

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Amazon S3 security best practices

Learn the security best practices for Amazon S3.

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Best practices to monitor AWS

Learn the best practices to manage your IT infrastructure hosted in AWS.

Go beyond AWS CloudWatch metrics. Understand when S3 object endpoint URLs become slow

Periodically run automated checks on the object endpoints powering your static website or mobile app from global locations to identify slow responses, errors, and broken API endpoints so you can get a geocentric perspective on performance.

world map
uptime icon100% Availability
response time icon1.26s Performance
uptime icon100% Availability
response time icon1.00s Performance
uptime icon90% Availability
response time icon5.00s Performance
uptime icon91.6% Availability
response time icon3.80s Performance
uptime icon100% Availability
response time icon1.80s Performance
uptime icon100% Availability
response time icon1.50s Performance
uptime icon100% Availability
response time icon2.00s Performance
uptime icon89% Availability
response time icon6.00s Performance

Natively integrated

S3 endpoint monitoring is natively integrated with our AWS monitoring capabilities and can be enabled anytime at no extra cost.

Rapid configuration

Select the S3 bucket, discover object URL endpoints, configure checks and add multiple monitors in one single go, all in minutes.

Signed requests

A signature is computed using the AWS secret access key and is passed as a parameter for every HTTP call made.

Features of AWS S3 monitoring

Discovery filters

Configure multiple prefix or suffix-based filters to discover the object endpoint URLs that you want to monitor.

Check frequency

Run periodic checks on a continuous schedule. Configure checks to run once per minute, every two hours, or any frequency in between.

Select locations

Monitor your object endpoints from around the world. Choose from a list of more than 90 geo-distributed locations.

IPv4 and IPv6

Monitor your dual-stack endpoints from both IPv4 and IPv6-supported locations to identify possible connectivity issues.

Request method

Selecting a request method is straightforward: just choose between GET or HEAD request types.

Validate requests

Leverage failure checks to ensure your API responses are correct. Get notified when the response body does or doesn't contain a particular string.

Monitor groups

Create a logical grouping of S3 object endpoint URLs and monitor their status as a whole.

Dependency monitors

Create monitor dependencies and effectively trigger alerts without producing a lot of noise.

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