Amazon Kinesis Monitoring

From Data Streams and Video Streams to Firehose and Analytics, monitor every element ofAmazon's real time streaming platform and get end-to-end visibility into your data pipeline.

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A single comprehensive view across your Amazon Kinesis.

Data Streams

Collect, visualize, and receive alerts on basic stream-level metrics.
  • Alert on latency for GetRecords/PutRecords operations, throttle spikes, and more.
  • Gain early insight into the progress of your consumer applications.
  • Visualize the rate at which producers put out data as well as the rate consumers get data.
  • Make informed decisions on resharding to optimize stream capacity for your workload.

Video Streams

Get the complete picture of your media pipeline.
  • Make sure consumers don't fall behind by getting alerted on connection errors and dropped connections.
  • Identify changing patterns in the read rate for both real-time an archived data.
  • Measure and quantify the rate at which Video Streams receives time-encoded media to identify anomalies.
  • Detect data ingestion failures, increased fragment duration, and more.

Data Firehose

Get detailed performance stats for each delivery stream.
  • Track incoming bytes and incoming records to keep an eye on throughput spikes and drops.
  • Troubleshoot Lambda invocation errors and delivery failures using collected logs.
  • Monitor data delivery in terms of records, bytes, freshness, and success.
  • Make sure data transformation and source record backups are occurring smoothly.

Data Analytics

Make sure your application is running correctly.
  • Make informed decisions on increasing in-application input streams with usage stats.
  • Visualize Lambda pre-processing metrics like duration, bytes processed, and more.
  • Check the application output delivery and set up alarms for failure.
  • Automatically start and stop applications to optimize KPU consumption.
A dashboard displaying multiple time series charts for various Amazon Kinesis metrics
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