Auto-remediate Site24x7 alerts with Amazon EventBridge integration

Traditional incident response is a slow manual process. With EventBridge integration, trigger the necessary automated functions in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via. Amazon EventBridge to remediate issues in seconds before customers are affected. Detect issues across the entire IT infrastructure stack and get alerted instantly.

Amazon EventBridge integration with Site24x7

Amazon EventBridge integration for automating the serverless workflows.

Improve the I/O capacity of database

When the duration of Relational Database Service (RDS) queries increases abnormally, trigger a threshold alert and send it to EventBridge. Trigger a Lambda function based on the alert to improve the read or write capacities of the RDS database.

Efficient cloud bursting

Monitor the capacity level of your on-premises IT infrastructure and trigger alerts from Site24x7 when the capacity threshold is breached. The EventBridge integration lets you route and trigger a Lambda function for cloud bursting.

Auto-scale instances with ease

Route the Site24x7 alerts to EventBridge when the application response time is high during traffic spikes, and scale up your EC2 deployment. Auto-scale EC2 environments horizontally or vertically using a Lambda function when a threshold breach occurs.

Alert-driven business logic

Configure Site24x7 alerts to be sent to EventBridge directly, and trigger any action via AWS services. This way, alerts can be responded to in real-time instead of processing them in batches. Ensure that customer engagement, notification, and alert processing workflows happen quickly for different monitor status changes.

Note: Site24x7 is a registered partner event source for Amazon EventBridge integration.

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