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Ipswitch has announced end-of-life for Alertfox, its web transaction monitoring tool released in 2009. We at Site24x7 understand the importance of an integrated IT monitoring suite, and we've built just that using the collective expertise of Zoho and ManageEngine. While Alertfox's end-of-life goes into effect December 2018 and its customers begin looking for alternatives, Site24x7 has been effortlessly scaling to cater to Over 13,000 actively paying customers around the globe.

Detailed Comparison

Services Offered Site24x7 AlertFox
Website monitoring
Website performance monitoring from a global perspective
Over 100 global locations

3 global locations
Web transaction monitoring using a Real Browser for applications from a global perspective.
Video stream monitoring
Slow component capture in webpages (for CDN-based websites)
DNS configuration and resolution checks for a distributed DNS infrastructure
FTP server availability as well as file upload and download time monitoring
REST API endpoint check and response validation
REST API transaction monitoring (web application workflow)
Mail server performance monitoring (POP, IMAP, SMTP)
Website defacement and content integrity check
DNSSEC checks for authenticating DNS responses
Ping and Port availability monitoring
SSL certificate validity and expiration check as well as certificate tampering detection
Domain name expiration check
On-premises support (monitor applications inside your data center)
Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Technologies monitored
Transaction playback browsers supported
Other features
Keyword checks to monitor string availability
Data retention period for captured metrics Daily average upto 5 years 60 days
Incident communication that allows you to transparently publish your service status to your customers
Add multiple users to manage the monitoring account
Root cause analysis report on outages
Threshold-based alerting to capture unusual spikes in collected metrics
AI-based anomaly detection that captures weekly spikes for performance attributes
Incident management with a dedicated Alarms dashboard
NOC dashboard for your IT teams to keep an eye on the live status of monitors
Custom dashboard that can be used to build your own KPI metrics-based dashboard
Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitoring uptime and performance of your server infrastructure (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS)
VMware infrastructure monitoring
Nutanix Monitoring
SNMP based Network monitoring
VoIP Monitoring
Custom script monitoring based on plugin for monitoring custom objects
Manage application logs and troubleshoot critical issues from a single console in the cloud
Cloud Monitoring
Amazon Web Services monitoring
Azure monitoring
Application Performance monitoring
Troubleshoot performance issues in Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails and NodeJS based applications
Gain insight into the experience of the real user while accessing your web/mobile applications
Voice call
Integration with third party services
Microsoft Teams
Webhook integration to push outages to any platform using REST API
Resource level Availability reports for custom time periods
Resource level performance report for custom time periods
Health trend report
Busy hours report
SLA management and report
Top N report
Pricing 10 websites and one Real Browser test: $10/month Unlimited DNS, FTP, and HTTP availability testing and two Real Browser tests: $99/month
Subscription Monthly/yearly subscription model with flexible add-on packages that allow as little as 10 websites or 5 transactions to be added for monitoring Monthly subscription model with no option for add-ons
Payment methods Credit card, Paypal, PO Credit card, wire transfer, fax
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This is what some of our customers have to say:

Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service.

Sarah Kulp

Director of software operations at Informz

Site24x7 is outstanding in the way it provides a swiss-army knife of various network monitoring tools at an affordable price.

Sridhar Pandurangiah

Director of software operations at Informz

Site24x7 is great! It's easy to use and I use it as a supplement to our existing monitoring systems which are often changing. The email alerts are really well done!

Peter Bengtsson

I often know before my competitors do when their applications go offline. You can't beat information like this! Thank you for providing this valuable service.