An IT monitoring solution for educational institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities are committed to conducting classes without any interruption. Be it physical or online classes, the key to uninterrupted education is good connectivity.

It's not only critical to monitor the network but also the applications used for teaching, the websites that potential students engage with, and the backend servers that support all this. With Site24x7's SaaS-based all-in-one monitoring, you can track your websites, servers, applications, network, and other services in the cloud all from a single console.

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IT monitoring for educational institutions

Site24x7: The answer to your IT monitoring questions

Simply scalable

Site24x7 is cloud-based and can easily scale to accommodate the IT monitoring load producing by students, infrastructure, technology, and lecture notes.

Customizable dashboards

Ensure that your IT team is productive and has time for other projects. View a centralized dashboard with all servers, network devices, and digital experience metrics captured in one place.

Instant alerts

Receive alerts immediately via your preferred media when your website or a server goes down, or when your virtual machine (VM) or cloud storage space hits the configured threshold.

Incident remediation

Avoid spending time on fixing common issues. Use simple scripts and configure IT automations to be executed when an issue is detected.

AI-powered insights

Identify anomalies and unusual spikes in performance, and forecast future trends with AI- and ML-powered insights.

Security seal of approval

Site24x7 complies with all major security standards and regulations, including ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2, along with regional data center security standards.


Jam-packed with features for all your IT monitoring needs, Site24x7 is priced at just $9 for 10 servers or websites.

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Utilize transaction monitoring for critical workflows in your application

It's inconvenient when the whiteboard application a teacher uses for online classes or a student's assignment submission portal is down or slow, and payment portals are even more critical. Monitor the important workflows of applications accessed by parents and students to ensure that they're available and load quickly using Site24x7's transaction monitoring. Use the Transaction Recorder and browse through the flow to record events and create a transaction script. Our intelligent playback engine will discover small page changes and adjust the script automatically, making script maintenance simpler.

Monitor critical workflows using transaction monitoring

Ensure seamless network connectivity across the campus

Students and teachers require uninterrupted network connectivity across the campus for their classes, exams, and other extra-curricular activities. You need to understand your network infrastructure to troubleshoot and fix network hardware issues that can impede your day-to-day operations. Use Site24x7's Topology Maps to monitor the availability of all the devices in your network including routers, Wi-Fi devices, switches, switch stacks, printers, and CCTV cameras on campus. Analyze traffic flows, identify bandwidth hogs, and generate daily reports on bandwidth consumption.

Ensure seamless network connectivity and understand different connections using topology maps

Monitor storage across platforms

Online classes and distance education require a huge amount of storage space for their libraries and reference notes. Be it network-attached storage, RAIDs, tape libraries, or the data stores that store your VM data, monitor their performance, configure thresholds, and receive alerts before you run out of space. You can also monitor your Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Platform storage services to optimize storage.

Monitor the storage space across platforms

Ensure continuous server uptime for uninterrupted access to your applications

Web apps used for admission and fee collection are crucial as they support voluminous amounts of data during peak seasons. Small issues at the infrastructure or application server level can impact the performance of the application. For instance, CPU steal time in one VM can result in a response time spike in an application hosted in another VM. It's important to monitor all the server and application server metrics proactively to take corrective actions before they impact the end-user applications. Ensure the uninterrupted availability of all web apps by tracking the performance of web servers, like Microsoft Internet Information Services and Apache Tomcat, that host them.

Ensure continuous server uptime for uninterrupted access to your applications

Maintain continuous availability in a mobile-first world

Many people now prefer accessing websites via mobile phones. The availability of your applications via 3G, 4G, or LTE mobile networks is vital. You can solve connectivity issues with Site24x7's Mobile Network Poller, which aids in monitoring websites from mobile networks. Simply install the Mobile Network Poller on any Android phone and set it up to monitor your websites regularly. This way, you can ensure your application is working for mobile users and monitor the quality of all ISP connections that you use on campus.

Maintain continuous availability in a mobile-first world

Troubleshoot application performance issues

There are numerous applications needed to maintain student records, take notes, and conduct exams. Application performance depends on the code and the performance of connected components. Problems like slow database queries, infinite looping in the code base, or a slow Redis server can impact end-user requests. Monitor your application performance, trace the exact line of troublesome code, and enhance end-user experience with Site24x7 APM Insight. Take advantage of our out-of-the-box support for Microsoft applications and plugins like MySQL and Apache, or write your own plugin to fit your custom monitoring needs.

Troubleshoot performance issues with your applications that involve critical events like admission and examination

Resolve issues with online classes using log analytics

Online classes have played a substantial role in distance education and they've gained even more momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay on top of all your Zoom sessions with Site24x7's Zoom log analysis. It's critical to ensure that Zoom meetings take place without any complications and also provide data on the average duration, any meeting or webinar issues, and Room Alerts. You can also collect and analyze logs from over 30 servers and applications in one place, enabling you to query and debug from a single console.

Resolve issues with online classes using log analytics

Communicate IT issues transparently

Students may want to know the status of your site when they're unable to access it. Having a dedicated status page with your institution's logo on top is important to keep them informed about outages and downtime. Communicate service disruptions, planned maintenance, and real-time statuses using Site24x7 Status IQ.

Communicate IT issues with your students using a status page

Integrate with tools of your choice

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It's a fact!

Site24x7 was able to meet these objectives with its initial product offering (Starter pack). It was so affordable, in fact, we were initially skeptical about the quality of the product. But the product proved our skepticism wrong right from day one by providing the best-in-class services we wanted, something on par with AWS and Google Cloud.

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