Azure Web App Monitoring

Analyze critical web app performance metrics and monitor the health of your background WebJobs.

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Azure App Services Monitoring

Get actionable insights on Azure Web App performance.

Automatically discover newly added web apps and mark them for monitoring by keeping track of all the critical performance metrics, like total request count, error codes, and response time, to ensure each web app is performing optimally.

Gain access to a detailed performance report with an intuitive graphical representation of each metric; analyze performance counters split by time duration; and measure the average, maximum, and minimum values for each metric.

 Get actionable insights on Azure Web App performance
All the infrastructure details in a single view

All the infrastructure details in a single view.

Ensure mission-critical web applications function smoothly by tracking all the critical infrastructure performance metrics like average memory, data in/out details, and IO read/write bytes.

Gets a birds-eye view of all the performance metrics across different web apps under a unified real-time dashboard, correlate metrics across different web apps and have complete visibility over the entire infrastructure in a single view.

Stay on top of the status of each web application in the Events Timeline widget, and set automatic notifications based on threshold violations.

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Monitor all your Azure services with our AI-powered monitoring tool.

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Function Apps

App Service Bus

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Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

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