Perform synthetic transaction tests on Chrome with the Web Transaction (Browser) Monitor.

We are excited to announce Chrome support for our Web Transaction (Browser) Monitor. Now you can perform playback emulation and monitoring of your web interactions from 100 global locations using a Chrome-based playback engine.

Web Tokens support for Website and REST API monitors.

You can now register Site24x7 with your authentication server to monitor protected websites and endpoint APIs using Web Tokens.

Enhancements to Custom Dashboard.

We've brought some enhancements to our Custom Dashboard feature to ensure a more fluid experience.

  • All new multi attribute widget added
  • Support for Monitor Groups in Availability and Performance numerical widgets
  • Color labeling introduced in Availability and Performance numerical widgets
  • Create Performance graphical widget for your monitor groups

Monitor the impact of webpage resources over it's response time.

Understand how your website's overall performance is impacted by the loading time of various resources like CSS, script, XML etc. You can classify and group your resources by their respective Domains. You can also monitor the time consumed by the resources based on various locations.

Monitoring Amazon API Gateway.

Gain complete insights into your API program. Collect, visualize and track a broad spectrum of metrics like latency, calls, cache miss count, client errors and more on both a stage-level and individual method-level.

New Service View for your AWS integration.

A new card-based view that provides information about monitored cloud services and user interface controls to enable new AWS integrations quickly.

New Service View for your AWS integration.

From identifying publicly accessible resources (S3 buckets and RDS instances), tracking access keys that are no longer used, to uncovering security groups and IAM entities with unrestricted access, you can get a hold of eight (33 in total if you're keeping count) new recommendation checks.

Free seminar: AI-based monitoring tool for today's IT infrastructure.

We have lined-up our free seminars in San Francisco and Austin, and want you to join us.

Our sessions are aimed at solving critical IT problems easily from the cloud. You'll experience an action-packed day filled with presentations, interactive product demos, workshops, opportunity to interact with our product experts, and lunch and network with people from your city.

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