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Measure your end-user satisfaction levels with new Apdex performance index.

Ever wished for a simple rating scale to check customer satisfaction amidst the myriad of website/application performance metrics?

Well, consider that your wish has been granted with the new Apdex performance scores from Site24x7. Apdex is a simple and easy to decipher end-user experience rating that lets you check how satisfied your customer is with your website or application experience.

Sample Apdex Global Performance Score

Network and website behavior can vary across the world owing to local issues. With Site24x7 showing region-wise satisfaction scores, you can now get to know how users in various geographies experience your website or application and take measures to improve that experience.

Did You Know?

You can now exclude your maintenance windows and choose to show them as ‘UP’ while generating reports. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to your Site24x7 account
  2. Navigate to Report > Report Settings
  3. Select check box In reports, treat monitors as up during maintenance period.

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