Site24x7 Advisor Launched.

We've added a personalized report that lets you find any untapped features in Site24x7 and helps adhere to best practices so you can fine-tune the monitoring of your IT deployments. We're excited to introduce Site24x7 Advisor.

Manage your VMs efficiently.

While you can automatically discover all your VMs when adding an ESX/ESXi host, deleting unwanted VMs could be tedious. You can now exclude unnecessary VMs from auto-discovery and reduce the hassle of repeatedly fine-tuning your monitoring set up.

Agentless Office 365 Monitoring.

You no longer require Site24x7's Windows agent to monitor your Office 365 services. Monitoring is done using the access tokens generated from the Windows Graph API requests.

New integrations for AWS.

We've added two more cloud services, Step Functions, and Web Application Firewall to our growing list of AWS integrations to help you run more smoothly in the cloud.

Real User Monitoring for Single Page Applications.

You can gauge your end-user experience in real time for applications built on Angular, Ember, React, Backbone and any other custom SPA framework. Monitor asynchronous calls, route changes, soft navigations, and AJAX calls and optimize your application performance.

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  • Windows Server Backup Monitoring
  • GCP Monitoring
  • Hadoop Monitoring
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