Migrating to OAuth 2.0.

We are completely migrating our REST API authentication to OAuth 2.0 by November 30, 2019. Get a more secured access to your resources.

Automate disk cleanup with server commands.

Moving logs from one disk partition to the other when their usage exceeds a given threshold can be tedious and time-consuming. Execute server commands when the partition usage exceeds a given threshold and automate disk clean-ups.

Monitoring your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Ensure the applications and containers hosted on the AKS clusters are performing as expected. Identify resource bottlenecks, be instantly notified, and auto-resolve them instantly with Azure monitoring.

View AppLogs widgets on your custom dashboards.

You can now add performance charts of your desired log types as widgets on your custom dashboard. While the widgets support graphical, numeric, and tabular data; you can also view metrics for the same attribute displayed in different formats.

Enhancements in APM Insight and RUM.

From anomaly detection to custom dashboards, we have released a slew of new features that would enhance your monitoring process.

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