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Enhancements in APM Insight and RUM — A sneak peek

We've released several updates in Site24x7 APM Insight and Real User Monitoring (RUM) to enhance your monitoring efforts. Here's a quick overview. 

Support for anomaly detection in RUM

Site24x7's RUM feature now provides anomaly detection. Unusual spikes or abnormalities are detected using AI-powered frameworks. Normal key performance indicators (KPIs) are benchmarked, and whenever there's a deviation from the norm, you'll be notified immediately.

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Did you know that we've also added China map to our RUM geography page? You can now view the end-user experience in real time for end users in China. Learn more

Custom dashboard

You can now add APM Insight widgets, like the Apdex Score, Average Response Time, Service Map, and Exception Split-Up, in Site24x7 dashboards. This gives you a complete view of your monitoring setup. 

Learn more about adding APM Insight widgets to your dashboards

Filter metrics

Keep the metrics that you want to track, and filter out the rest. You can filter metrics for both transactions and traces in APM Insight. 

Agent Updates

You can monitor calls made to ElasticSearch via the Transport Client and High Level REST Client with the Java agent

You can now monitor applications deployed in PHP 7.3 with the PHP agent.

You can now monitor calls made to PostgreSQL with the .NET agent

Monitoring support has been extended to ECMAScript in the Node.js agent

You can check the corresponding agent release notes for more details. 

Have you already evaluated any of these new features? Please share your feedback with us in our community portal. 

Happy monitoring!  

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Re: Enhancements in APM Insight and RUM — A sneak peek

Hi Ranjani

I don't get what the several updates to RUM are?
The RUM monitoring is as poor as ever (sorry for being so harsh)
Best regards,
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Re: Re: Enhancements in APM Insight and RUM — A sneak peek

Hey Allan,

    What are the 3 most important features or enhancements that you would like to have in RUM? Do you have any limitations or issues that make you frustrated? Sometimes reality is harsh (glad that you are honest and want us to improve). We would like to hear from you more and help us focus on bringing what is needed the most. 

[updated] Btw, I see that you have requested for some features in the post here. 


We have already added them in our roadmap and are working on it.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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