Cookies set by StatusIQ on public status pages

What is a cookie?

An HTTP cookie (browser cookie or web cookie) is a small text file that a server places in your browser when you visit a website. When you revisit the page, the browser automatically sends the information stored in the cookie to the server, thus recognizing your browser and making online experiences better.

Types of cookies used by StatusIQ

StatusIQ uses cookies to store time-zone preference and to remember authenticated users. All status pages published using StatusIQ set the below identified persistent cookies for functional purposes. Persistent cookies are a classification of cookies that expire after a specific date or after a certain time.

*here represents encrypted status page ID
Name Purpose Validity Domain
ppp* Preserves the authenticated state of a user. Enables you to view the password protected status page multiple times without re-entering the password 15 minutes "subdomain"
t* Used to remember information about a visitors' time-zone preference for a status page 3 years "subdomain"
c* To remember not to show status page cookie consent banner once again 3 months "subdomain"
I* To store language preference for a visitor on public status pages 3 years "subdomain"

How can you manage cookies

Most browsers provide settings to block or allow sites from storing and reading cookie data. Read the below mentioned help articles to understand how you can manage the cookies your browser stores.