Helping businesses achieve
IT Resilience

Companies have started or are planning to create a digital-first business strategy.
Source: IDG
Expected decrease in downtime in 2025 for organizations investing in building digital immunity.
Source: Gartner

Shaping a digitally resilient business

Digital resilience is an ongoing process that requires vigilance, adaptation to evolving threats, and a commitment to maintaining a secure and resilient digital environment. In Site24x7's process of building features to enable digital resilience, this year's additions help:

  • Uncover hidden vulnerabilities and shield your business using Digital Risk Analyzer
  • Ascertain your website uptime by monitoring them from 130 global locations
  • Improve database performance with query and performance metrics from in-depth database monitoring
  • Gain mastery over cloud performance troubleshooting with multi-cloud log management for AWS, Azure, and GCP logs in AppLogs that supports over 100 log types now
  • Unparalleled OpenAI observability integration for comprehensive insights into OpenAI usage, cost, and performance
Recognized in 2023 GartnerĀ® Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability
Log Analysis
Fall 2023

Building resilient networks

Network resilience refers to the ability of IT networks to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of various challenges, disruptions, or failures. To allow enterprise networks to remain operational and secure even in the face of challenges, Site24x7 has built a pool of features in 2023.

Network Monitoring
Enterprise Network

Fall 2023
Network-related outages are due to configuration/change management failures
Source: Uptime Institute
Configuration changes detected automatically. No more manual headaches!
Source: Site24x7 Data

Build a secure network fortress with firmware vulnerability management and network configuration compliance in NCM

Ensure peak performance and lightning-fast data transfer with WAN RTT monitoring

Visualize your Cisco Meraki device locations and statuses like never before using a precise map view

Data center professionals, despite the cloud's security promise, encountered outages in the past 3 years.
Source: Uptime Institute

Enhancing the resilience of cloud infrastructure

Cloud resilience is the ability of cloud-based systems, services, and infrastructure to maintain operational effectiveness, reliability, and availability in the face of various challenges, disruptions, or failures. To strengthen your cloud resilience strategy, Site24x7 allows you to:

  • Gain proficiency over your Azure environment by monitoring over 100 Azure services out-of-the-box (with nine services newly added)
  • Navigate the complexities of cloud computing and maximize the benefits with over 25 new best practices in the guidance report
  • Simplify discovery and meet the compliance requirements with AWS Control Tower and SSO-based integrations
Cloud Infrastructure

Fall 2023
Cloud Infrastructure

Fall 2023

Facilitating a strong platform for
implementing IT resilience strategies

Early detection, proactive resolution, and preventing service degradation are key aspects to consider while devising your IT resilience strategy.
With Site24x7's new features for channelized alerting, you can:

Streamline alerts with the operational dynamics of the organization using time-based threshold profiles that can generate alerts based on your business hours

Manage alarms like a pro by categorizing alarms using filters based on attributes

Guarantee the vitality and availability of monitor groups with proactive health checks

Communicate effectively and conquer challenges using integrations with BigPanda and Discord, in additional to an array of nearly 30 integrations

IT Alerting
Fall 2023
151B+ is the number of times we checked the monitor availability for your seamless business operations
63.5M outages detected on time
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Gratitude for your relentless support

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