Monitoring for hybrid IT environments

We dedicated our 2021 releases to support your growing IT demands from hybrid IT environments.

With digital transformation and the pandemic catalyzing the change in IT trends, we at Site24x7 understand how critical it is to obtain single-pane visibility across your growing infrastructure and diverse work setups.

Site24x7 in the monitoring space

In the spirit of the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a mark of perseverance and hard work, we are here with a telescopic view of how Site24x7 helps unveil monitoring mysteries. Here's a look back at some interesting numbers from 2021

270 billion uptime checks

Nine times the number of bytes JWST will relay to Earth every day

280 billion log lines indexed

When printed and stacked on A4 sheets, it would reach the Hubble telescope, JWST's predecessor

2 billion traces captured

Number of years since the Big Bang, when the galaxies reached adolescence, expected to be captured by JWST

2.5 trillion performance metrics collected

2.5 times the number of stars in Andromeda, the galaxy closest to the Milky Way

47 million automations executed

10,000 people required to manually perform them = The number of people who have worked for the JSWT project, i.e., 10,000 and counting

84 million confirmed anomalies reported

84 times the distance between JWST and Earth in miles

50 million outages detected

Five times the circumference of JWST's orbit around the sun in kilometers
Site24x7's data has been calculated per year.
The JWST, the successor to the Hubble telescope, was developed by NASA and has the potential to make breakthroughs in the field of astronomy. It was launched on December 25, 2021.

Our achievements in 2021

Security—our top priority


issues identified and fixed via white-hacking

  • Windows and Linux server agent security enhancements
  • Malware protection checks while downloading the IT Automation scripts via checksum validation
  • Java binaries updated to the latest version in On-Premise Poller

Enhancing the end-user experience

10 billion

pages monitored using Real User Monitoring

ISP latency monitoring

Analyze data transfer and connectivity issues throughout the network path of ISPs and transit providers.

Other Updates
  • Obtain the desired response from the GraphQL-based API service for REST API and REST API transaction monitors
  • Gain regex support for DNS monitor answer validation
  • Analyze the user behavior of your website visitors with RUM user sessions
  • Filter the performance based on parameters like browsers, device types, geographical locations, and users

For your hybrid infrastructure monitoring needs


plugin integrations with over 30 new plugins added this year

Kubernetes monitoring

Get end-to-end visibility into your Kubernetes environment with monitoring for components including nodes, pods, daemonsets, and replicas.

Other Updates

Ensuring seamless network performance

100 billion

network flows processed in a year

Network traffic monitoring

Track network traffic and bandwidth by analyzing flows based on flow technologies like NetFlow, J-Flow, and sFlow.

Other Updates
  • Import SNMP traps from a MIB browser
  • Scheduled reports for network interface and switch stacks
  • SLA report for the network monitor

Coping with fast-paced cloud adoption


best practices for AWS services

Instance type recommendations

Get recommendations on the type of instance suitable for your workload and efficiently utilize your AWS resources.

Other Updates
  • AWS Lambda extensions to push logs directly from the Lambda function to Site24x7
  • AWS Guidance Report at each monitor level
  • AWS service quotas to help you raise requests to update the quotas directly from the Site24x7 console
  • Over 10 integrations, including for Amazon Inspector and Amazon GuardDuty
  • Monitoring support for six new Azure services
  • Azure forecasting

Troubleshooting on propulsion mode

10 trillion

application performance metrics captured

Mobile APM support for React Native apps

Identify slow-performing network requests, native views, and crashes across platforms.

Other Updates
  • Alerting and reporting for APM key transactions
  • Support to ship logs via open-source log collectors like Fluentd and Logstash
  • Provisions for hashing and masking log data to hide sensitive information
  • Support for over 25 new log types, including PHP logs, MySQL slow query logs, and incident management platform logs

Delivering a state-of-the-art user experience


active integrations across 20 third-party integrations

Zoho Cliq integration

Receive incident/operational alerts on your Zoho Cliq channels for better collaboration.

Other Updates
  • Support for Terraform
  • Support for auto-closure of tickets for any ticketing system
  • More time periods in top N reports (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days)
  • Admin access restrictions at the group level
  • View the changed parameters in your audit logs
  • AI-based threshold profiles
  • Anomaly Settings page to add thresholds for deviation percentages to report anomalies
  • Notification tones for status alerts in your Site24x7 iOS or Android app
  • Introduced the dark theme for Site24x7, StatusIQ, and CloudSpend

For a stellar customer service experience

40 million

public page requests served

Status Widgets

Displays the status of your StatusIQ page in web apps, sites, or portals and helps increase visibility.

Other Updates
  • Personalized status pages via color customization
  • Maintenance notifications via any calendar application
  • Performance charts for all components

Helping you cut down on your cloud costs

1 billion

billing line items processed


Obtain an idea about the upcoming monthly expenditure and use chargebacks to view the forecasted split-up expenditures for individual Business Units.

Other Updates
  • Mobile web app support for CloudSpend
  • Integration with the Site24x7 monitoring account
  • Enhanced budgeting options along with historical details for budgets

Tools for network, DevOps, and site reliability engineers across the globe

4.5 million

tests done

  • Mobile app support for free tools
  • Over 15 new tools added
  • Multilingual upgrade for all tools

Pleased to e-meet you

While the pandemic forced us to stay apart, we tried our best to connect with you via different channels




Support tickets and chat requests closed

Thank you for the continued support

This infographic is just a small sampling of what we did in 2021. Follow the Site24x7 Community and our what's new page for the latest and detailed updates. We couldn't have done this without your support. Thanks again.

Meet the Site24x7 constellation working from different locations to support you

From all of us at Zoho and Site24x7, we wish you a very Happy New Year

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