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Digital Risk Analyzer: Your solution to better security

We're excited to roll out our new offering, Site24x7 Digital Risk Analyzer, an IT risk assessment platform using which you can validate various security aspects of your domain, like network security, domain security, email security, etc., and get a security score for your domain.

Enhance Microsoft SQL Server visibility with Insight monitoring

The challenges with Microsoft SQL Server database management include resource-intensive queries that result in increased CPU and memory usage on the database server, performance bottlenecks causing slower page load times and checkout delays, and session management. With Microsoft SQL Insight monitoring, you can fine-tune your SQL environment by monitoring and obtain valuable insights using our exclusive and all-encompassing Insight dashboard.

Obtain critical insights about the health of your monitor groups

When you group multiple resources performing one business application in a monitor group, monitoring each resource separately and compiling availability data is demanding. Using the Health Check feature, you can:

  • View and track the status and outages of individual resources in monitor groups.
  • Easily identify resources in Trouble, Down, or Critical statuses.
  • Rectify the issue with the help of a detailed root cause analysis (RCA).

Datasheet: Network monitoring for uninterrupted business continuity

See how our network monitoring solution can safeguard your networks from costly downtime and potential threats. Check out our datasheet to find out how you can enjoy uninterrupted operations and smooth performance.

Visualize your Meraki environment with maps

Get a comprehensive view of the location and current status of all Meraki devices in your organization using the Meraki Map View. Access up-to-date device information effortlessly through a user-friendly and informative interface.

Accelerate server performance diagnosis with open file descriptor monitoring

When dealing with slowed down server performance, it's vital to examine the number of open file descriptors, as they consume valuable system resources, including CPU and kernel memory, negatively impacting server performance. Monitor your open file descriptors in real time to identify and address server performance issues, ensuring your systems run at peak efficiency.

Enhancing database performance with RDS MySQL slow query log collection

Collecting the slow query logs will help to figure out the queries that need fine-tuning. Send RDS MySQL slow query logs to AppLogs for monitoring and view the top 10 slow queries by query time, lock time, rows examined, and more. Our exclusive dashboard helps you to figure out the ideal queries for optimization.

Extending support for distributed tracing in Python agent (v1.2.1 and up)

The APM Insight Python agent now offers support for distributed tracing. With distributed tracing, you can track transaction traces made from one application to another, monitor calls made between them, and narrow down the source of the problem.

Free Online Training

Interactive online training by our product specialists with the tips and tricks to utilize your account better and get hands on with industry standard best practices in real time!

Date: 16th to 20th Oct 2023 - 11am AEST | 6am BST

Product tips | Webinars

Join our experts for a live session to see how Site24x7 can fit your monitoring needs and help you obtain complete visibility across all infrastructure, applications, and resources in your environment.

Webinar Topic:
How to overcome challenges in distributed environments with tracing

Date: Oct. 11th, 2023 - 10am GMT | 10am PDT

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WAN monitoring: Maintain high-performing and efficient network infrastructure by proactively monitoring and optimizing WAN resources.

Integration with Amazon VPC services: Obtain granular details about your network traffic in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using VPC flow logs by integrating with Site24x7.

Get real-time insights into your entire Kubernetes cluster infrastructure with the all-new Kubernetes Cluster dashboard.

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