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Product updates

Protect your website from hijack attempts - Safeguard your website and brand image by spotting security issues like unauthorized addition or modification of content in the webpage that could lead to phishing attacks. Neutralize all defacements and keep your business reputation intact.

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop monitoring - Ensure a seamless experience in remotely accessing your desktop and applications. Get visibility into critical metrics like active and inactive sessions and hosts in your Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

HP iLO Server Hardware monitoring - Monitor the server health status and hardware configurations of HP iLO interfaces with our ready-to-install plugin integration.

Other product updates

Ensure uptime of your UDP applications - Check uptime and performance of your UDP port-based applications and proactively address issues using UDP monitoring.

Monitor your Windows file server hosted in AWS - Obtain the operational metrics of the FSx file systems hosted in your AWS infrastructure and keep track of file system operations, like data repository tasks and backups.

Add custom performance counters - Upload custom MIBs from your system and use them to add custom performance counters, giving you the flexibility to add performance metrics of your choice and save them on custom device templates.

Troubleshoot Javascript errors with ease - Monitor JavaScript errors by filtering them based on various parameters like error types, frequency of occurrence, browser, and device types, and troubleshoot them contextually.


Check out our interesting line-up of webinars scheduled for November:

  • Best practices for multi or hybrid cloud management.
  • Reduce calls to helpdesk using Status Pages.
  • AIOps for DevOps.
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