Custom Dashboards: Build and share personalized dashboards using dynamic widgets

Custom Dashboard enables you to bring together various key metrics from every tier of your Infrastructure, all in one place. It helps you portray data differently than Site24x7's default dashboards that are offered out-of-the-box.

You can create personalized dashboard views by customizing it with dynamic widgets that can be dragged and dropped onto a common dashboard grid. Personalized dashboards can be customized across multiple metric types and time stamps for your various monitoring needs. It can then be shared with your peers and clients via permalinks or as exported PDFs.


  • Gain infrastructure-wide visibility with support for visually appealing graph or numerical view
  • Aggregate and share data from various monitors publicly or privately with multiple stakeholders using permalinks, Iframes, and PDFs
  • You can pin up to 24 widgets on a single dashboard grid, and create 20 such dashboards in an account
  • Ability to view data inside widgets with a granularity ranging from�RAW, Hour, Day, or Week, as per the period chosen.
Introducing Server Inventory Dashboard.

Get a complete overview of your server environment at a glance with our smart dashboard, which gives you a synopsis of your servers, applications, checks, plugins and more all in one place.


  • Gives you the entire inventory details of all the server monitors and their related application monitors in your account
  • Includes the count of servers and its resources (services, processes, checks, plugins, applications) being monitored at any given period
  • When a threshold violation occurs, this dashboard will help get an idea of abnormalities like Slow QP Threads. Filtering out based on domains will help find out the problematic server and resolve the issue before it affects the overall performance.
[New Feature] Understand your application topology with Application Dependency Maps.

Application Dependency Maps gives you a complete overview of your application's connections with its external components. You get a bird's eye view of your application's communications like fetching data from databases, storing data in the cache, sending out RSS feeds and more.

Key metrics like response time, throughput, and failed count are listed out for external dependencies, allowing you to gauge the performance metrics at a single glance. Any errors in your application or external dependencies are marked out visibly, enabling you to take immediate action before your customers are impacted.

You can also check the status of your application instances with these maps. The average response time, failed request count and total requests for respective components are listed out separately, and each of the enlisted components can be drilled down further for further analysis.

Introducing AWS Lambda monitoring.

Introducing support for Amazon's leading serverless compute platform - AWS Lambda. You can now monitor the health, behavior, and performance of your serverless application code in minutes using your existing CloudWatch integration.


  • Collect, visualize and alert on critical metrics like invocations, durations, throttles, and errors
  • Capture recent function execution logs in near real-time to understand memory usage
  • Get log prints for every outage associated with the "error" metric threshold violation to analyze and debug function execution failures. Also get log files as an attachment in the alert notification mailer.
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