The All New Real User Monitoring (RUM)

We're excited to announce that our Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature is no longer in beta. With RUM, you gain insight into the complete life cycle of a web page and exactly know how real users experience your applications. RUM also gives you in-depth understanding of problems affecting real users and analyzes application performance from every aspect like browser, platform, country and more.

Microscopic Visibility

You get deep insight into key performance metrics right from the initiation of the URL until the request is served back to the browser. Application performance can be split into network, back-end and front-end components, all of which help developers tailor applications to be more fluid to end users.

Tailor App Performance

RUM provides graphical representation of end-user response time and throughput globally that helps you understand how applications behave when accessed from different geographic locations. Browser based metrics help DevOps understand if new application updates affect performance in a specific version of browser and response time captured by device type highlight app performance when accessed via a specific platform, e.g., desktop or mobile. A split-up of statistics related to ISP-based performance is also captured by RUM.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)
RUM will be included in different proportions in different packs as follows.
  • Business Pack - 500K page views per month
  • Advanced Pack - 1M page views per month
  • Premier Pack - 5M page views per month

For details on pricing. See here.

Learn more about Real User Monitoring (RUM).

APM Insight and Real User Monitoring (RUM) are now integrated

APM Insight and Real User Monitoring (RUM) are now contextually integrated. With this integration, you get holistic visibility of an application's performance from a single console. All critical metrics, such as the application performance from the users click on the browser, the time taken in back end to process the request, network latency and the time consumed in rendering the response is all captured and displayed in a single console. With both the browser time and server time integrated, you can now easily analyze all metrics together, helping in fine tuning app performance.

SolarWinds Has Been Acquired � Right Time for a Cloud Option

Did you hear about the recent SolarWinds acquisition? We at Site24x7 weren�t really surprised by the acquisition story. After all, a company that acquired product strategies to stay competitive in the market would eventually not make it to the finish line.

See how Site24x7 compares to SolarWinds and why we think we are the perfect alternative. Site24x7 and SolarWinds comparison.

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Monitor availability and performance of apps hosted in Amazon cloud. Learn how Site24x7 helps troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users get affected.

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