Site24x7 November 2020
Product updates

REST API performance monitoring for your business-critical applications - Monitor and troubleshoot the business-critical REST API endpoints using REST API monitoring. Achieve functional correctness with response validation and troubleshoot backend performance bottlenecks using APM Insight.

Get holistic visibility into your Azure infrastructure - Monitor Azure VMs, Cosmos DB, Active Directory, CDN, Backup, and 100 other services. Collect critical performance metrics and ensure a great end-user experience.

Monitor capacity reservations in AWS EC2 - Avoid accruing additional charges for Amazon EC2 instances by monitoring the unused capacity with Capacity Reservation monitoring.

Other product updates

More metrics for monitoring your Office 365 servers - View performance metrics including the team activity based on individual users, the Yammer messages posted, file and user stats using OneDrive, and more.

Speed up troubleshooting by analyzing related logs from different log types - Using Related log templates, you can now view all related logs for one particular transaction or request by creating a template using common fields in two log types.

Analyze trends in cloud cost spending - View, and analyze the spending pattern of your AWS costs aggregated on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis using the Trend view.

Enhance web app security with AWS Lambda@Edge monitoring - Monitor the version level metrics and Regional Edge Cache-level metrics like invocations, throttles, errors, and many more.

Enable APM Insight for IIS applications via configuration rules - With an IIS configuration profile, you can enable APM Insight for the selected applications across all your IIS monitors, irrespective of their numbers, saving you time and effort.


Check out our interesting line-up of webinars scheduled for December:

  • Monitoring enterprise virtualization platforms and networks.
  • Guidelines for domain owners to guard brand reputation.
  • SRE challenges and best practices.
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