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Introducing our new custom dashboard features: Grouping, template saving, widget cloning, and beyond!

You can now effortlessly organize your dashboard with auto-arranging and widget grouping. Create dashboard templates easily and schedule updates to save time. Enjoy a sleek widget experience, clone widgets, and access various chart formats for deeper insights. You can also share notes with your team within your dashboard now!

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Site24x7 Kubernetes forecasting for better capacity planning

Kubernetes is a dynamic environment. But how can you allocate resources and plan beforehand to avoid overutilization? With Site24x7 Kubernetes forecasting, you can make data-driven decisions, spot anomalies in your Kubernetes resources, and gain valuable insights through accurate predictions—all through AIOps. Set custom thresholds and focus on pertinent metrics, then receive automatic alerts if predicted metrics exceed the limit. Site24x7 offers forecast data for the most essential metrics, at all the crucial levels.

Ensure round-the-clock Azure Monitoring by updating your Client Secret Expiry

When it comes to Azure monitoring, the Client Secret is very crucial. If the secret expires, the Site24x7 Azure monitor can no longer track your Azure resources. With our latest update, you can update your Client Secret Expiry dates manually. Rest assured that you will receive alerts well in advance of your Secret expiring, guaranteeing continuous Azure resource monitoring and prompt data collection.

Track your MariaDB connections with Site24x7

The common issues identified in using the MariaDB database are failures in establishing a connection to the database and MariaDB crashing due to too many connections. With Site24x7 MariaDB monitor, you can track the active, attempted, and also aborted connections to ensure the availability of your MariaDB database.

Obtain critical insights about your AWS Glue environment

Track the health and performance of your AWS Glue monitors in real time with the Site24x7-AWS Glue integration. This integration enables you to monitor job runs and crawler runs, and alerts you of threshold breaches when the AWS Glue monitors exceed the configured limit.

Pinpoint issues faster with enhanced EventLog monitoring

EventLog monitoring alerts you when a specific keyword string exceeds a specific number of occurrences. For example, if you do not want any applications in your critical servers to open a port for external communication, monitor event ID 5156. Site24x7 will trigger an instant alert to prevent any unauthorized or suspicious activities like a new user being created. Utilize our enhanced EventLog monitoring to secure your servers.

View the status of your last 10 Windows backup jobs

Solid backups are how businesses bounce back after any unexpected event. Ensure seamless Windows server backups with Windows Server Backup monitoring that provides every piece of required data like the status of the last 10 backup jobs performed, as well as the time stamps of the latest and oldest backup.

Async support in .NET

The APM Insight .NET agent now supports async/await operations for tracking asynchronous methods.

Report management made easy with Report Downloads

The Report Downloads feature in Site24x7 enhances user productivity by enabling users to access previously generated reports. Find reports categorized by type, resource, period, validity, and generator's name for quick access to key insights without regeneration hassle.

Monitor live Oracle Database servers remotely with an updated plugin and improved interface

Track the performance of your Oracle production servers from a different server that has access to the Oracle database using the enhanced Oracle plugin. The improved interface also consolidates metrics into one view, with tabs for Summary, Tablespace, Buffer Cache, I/O, Parsing, and Locks, offering visibility into over 90 metrics.

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Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:


Convert JSON to YAML using this tool for enhanced readability, concise representation, and seamless integration with configuration files.


Our YAML to JSON converter tool streamlines the transition of configuration files into a universally compatible format, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing manual conversion errors.

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  • Get critical insights about your RabbitMQ environment with Site24x7
    - Gain a holistic view of your RabbitMQ environments and fine-tune your infrastructure performance and reliability with Site24x7's integration with Amazon RabbitMQ.

  • Support for Data Lake and Custom Attributes in the APM Insight .NET agent
    - Customize the dashboard to visualize metrics through charts, graphs, and tables, aiding in the identification of performance trends and bottlenecks effectively with Data Lake.
    - Set up monitors for specific key metrics, ensuring that you receive alerts and notifications when necessary with Custom Attributes.

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