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Optimize your database performance

Over time, if your MySQL database is not performing up to the optimal level, it could mean that the data is being read from the disk and not from the cache. With Site24x7, you can set threshold-based alerts for the cache hit ratio and many other metrics to know if your queries are performing well and quickly. Try our Site24x7 MySQL monitor.

Logs generated by Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) are diverse, making analysis difficult

Site24x7 AppLogs now supports Amazon ECS logs. Using AppLogs, you can:

  • Centralize logs from Amazon ECS on a single console.
  • Troubleshoot using dashboards and easy-to-use query language.
  • Send log-based alerts when suspicious events occur.

Tidbit: Check out our three-minute guide to searching your logs using query language.

Unattended snapshots consume data store storage space, causing data store and VM performance problems or failures

With data store snapshot monitoring, you can:

  • Monitor snapshot performance based on the snapshot's size and age.
  • Set limits for snapshot age and size and get alerts when they are exceeded.
  • Monitor VM-level metrics based on the snapshot size and count trends.
  • Use AI-powered snapshot space prediction to aid in capacity planning.
Optimize the performance of your CDNs by generating exhaustive reports

With our detailed CDN Reports, you can:

  • Drill deep into the performance of your content delivery network (CDN) servers and optimize them.
  • Identify the CDNs that are slow by using the response time data.
  • Obtain the location-specific performance data of your CDNs.
  • Find the CDNs that are performing well using the hit percentage.
  • Use the miss percentage to identify the servers that are frequently missing the requests.
Manually rotating your secrets and managing your sensitive data can be challenging and time-consuming

With Site24x7's AWS Secrets Manager integration, you can:

  • Track the rotation of secrets and secure your data.
  • Schedule IT Automation to automatically rotate your secrets.
  • Monitor the number of secrets for your AWS accounts at the regional level.
It can be challenging to find a specific alert among many status change emails when they all come from a generic no-reply address

Here are the advantages of the new Alarms Category feature:

  • Filter emails by the sender's address for effective issue tracking.
  • View and filter your alarms quickly based on your preferred attributes on the Alarms tab.
  • Create and configure alarm categories from the Alarms tab so that subsequent failures due to the same attribute will be automatically categorized.
Insufficient connections between your application and the MongoDB instance can result in connection errors and slower response times

Install our MongoDB monitoring plugin integration to:

  • Keep track of the current and available connections for effective capacity planning and to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Take advantage of a range of essential metrics, including the memory usage and replication status, to pinpoint issues affecting the performance of your MongoDB instances.
Product Webinars

Join our experts for a live session to see how Site24x7 can fit your monitoring needs and help you obtain complete visibility across all infrastructure, applications, and resources in your environment.

Webinar Topic: Understanding Site24x7's NCM: Automation, reports, and compliance

Date: 07th Jun 2023 - 11am AEST | 11am GMT | 11am PDT

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Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Azure Infrastructure Designer

Simplify the process of designing and visualizing your Azure cloud architecture using this tool. Users can easily create and modify Azure resource diagrams, enabling efficient planning and decision-making for cloud deployments.

GCP Infrastructure Designer

This toola is designed to streamline the creation and visualization of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architectures. The tool empowers users to effortlessly design and modify GCP resource diagrams, facilitating effective planning and strategizing for cloud deployments on GCP.

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Debugging application errors is difficult in cryptic minified code

  • Consistently monitor the JavaScript errors that occur.
  • Narrow down your search and quickly find the specific error you need to address.

Detailed RCA reports for your Web Transaction (Browser) monitors

Obtain in-depth RCA reports for your real browser monitors and get details on console errors, network errors, and much more.

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