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Introducing Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) monitoring

GPU technology uses data-parallel workloads to help render a rich graphics experience.

Challenge: HD content can suffer due to inadequate GPU resources causing a poor viewing experience.

Solution: We've introduced GPU monitoring for Linux and NVIDIA devices so you can keep an eye on key host metrics such as memory, CPU, temperature, and core utilization. Watch for deviation from baseline performance, troubleshoot latency and jitter issues, and ensure capacity planning for future expansion.

Guidance reports to help validate migration to AWS Nitro-based cloud instances

The Nitro system provides bare metal capabilities that eliminate virtualization overhead. It's an ideal fit for applications that need low-level hardware features or a non-virtualized, highly secure environment. However, it comes with a higher cost and not all applications may require this capability.

Challenge: When applications hit the limits on read/write throughput, teams lack the visibility to decide which volume they have to choose - bigger volume with better IOPS or migrate to the Nitro system.

Solution: Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) metrics that are offered currently for Nitro-based instances of EC2 and RDS, give you visibility into whether you are hitting the limits of read/write throughput. That serves as a trigger to upgrade. Guidance reports will further validate the choice of an upgrade by analyzing the historical vs. current utilization.

Extending complete visibility into AWS VPC-VPN connections

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is a service that allows you to launch AWS resources to build a virtual network in the AWS cloud without any requirement for virtual private networks (VPNs) and physical datacenters. Amazon VPC helps you control your virtual networking environment by letting you choose your own IP address range, subnets, and route tables to any available gateways.

Challenge: How to make sure peered VPCs are connected through the appropriate gateway?

Solution: You can now obtain end-to-end visibility and identify issues in your AWS VPC-VPN connections by monitoring the state and activity of your AWS VPN connection. The built-in best practice recommendation helps spot unused Amazon virtual private gateways that aren't associated with the VPC side of the VPN connection.


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