Site24x7 March 2021
Product updates

Introducing Kubernetes monitoring - Monitor nodes, pods, DaemonSets, replicas, and the different components of Kubernetes environment from one console. View the number of resources used, namespaces per cluster and pod, and more in customizable views and dashboards.

Azure Forecasting - Predict trends for performance metrics based on historical observations for Azure services using machine learning and stay on top of performance issues.

Use RUM APIs to add context to the data collected - Now RUM users can collect insights about an event like JS errors with additional details like which navigation path the issue had occurred, browser details, user ID, and more, and get more context of the error to debug it efficiently.

Other product updates

Are slow MySQL queries choking application performance? - Troubleshoot issues related to slow applications by pushing MySQL slow query logs to a searchable index in Site24x7 AppLogs. Get real-time alerts when query execution time exceeds set thresholds, and gain visibility into metrics like maximum query time, maximum rows examined maximum lock time, and more.

WMI support for agentless server monitoring - WMI based metric collection is now supported in agentless server monitoring in addition to the existing SNMP support.

Integration with Lambda Execution Logs - Achieve serverless observability with AWS Lambda Execution logs integration. The logs are obtained from Lambda runtimes rather than CloudWatch logs and are pushed into Site24x7 AppLogs to diagnose them further.

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