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Product Updates
Real-time PostgreSQL database performance monitoring

Organizations heavily rely on PostgreSQL databases to manage their vast inventory and customer data, so it's important to ensure uninterrupted service and optimal database performance. With PostgreSQL monitoring for critical performance indicators—like cache hit ratio, database size, rows fetched or returned, and transaction details—and instant alerts, you can quickly identify and address any database issues, minimize downtime, and ensure seamless database operations.

Azure Disk monitoring integration for in-depth insights and top-notch performance

When Azure Disk capacity is compromised, it directly impacts the performance of your applications. Track all key metrics at both the OS and data disk levels, and set thresholds for alerts. Check out our improved Azure Disk monitoring, which includes intuitive reports to prevent overuse and identify abnormal disk changes, and ultimately cut down costs.

Certificate expiry monitoring with Google Cloud Certificate Authority integration

Never let expired certificates surprise you anymore with the Google Cloud Certificate Authority monitoring integration. Monitor key metrics, like the total number of certificates issued by the certificate authority along with the number of certificate creation failures.

Auto RUM injection for PHP applications

Elevate your understanding of a web application's operational efficiency with real user monitoring (RUM), which provides precise insights into the end-user journey and overall experience. Enable RUM effortlessly in your PHP applications with the Auto RUM injection feature, which will be automatically activated for PHP agent versions 4.4 and above.

Keep an eye on your monitor groups' real-time performance and health status through network topology maps

Monitor a cluster of network devices simultaneously, save time and effort, and gain a clear overview of your network's status by adding your monitor groups to topology maps to gain real-time visibility into their performance, health, and availability.

By adding your monitor groups to topology maps, you can:

  • Easily pinpoint the monitors or monitor groups that need your immediate attention with flashing status alerts on topology maps.
  • Learn more about a device, group, or interface by just hovering over or clicking it.
  • Make informed decisions on the next course of action to maintain business continuity in case of outages.
Granular details about your Hyper-V VMs in one place

Wouldn't it be great if you could see details about your Hyper-V VMs, like memory assigned, memory in demand, and operational status, all in one place? With Site24x7, all of this is available in one window. Accelerate your IT infrastructure optimization efforts with Hyper-V VM status reports.

Simplify Apache monitoring setup with the single-command plugin installer

Use our single-command Apache plugin installer to set up your Apache monitoring plugin seamlessly. This Apache plugin installer checks the prerequisites for the plugin, fetches the plugin files from our GitHub repository, and completes the installation process.

Use event logs to quickly spot issues in Kubernetes environments

Is it taking too much time to find out what has gone wrong in your Kubernetes environment? With the help of Kubernetes event logs, you can spot issues and also identify the reason behind an issue. Kubernetes event logs let you view all the events happening in your cluster environment. You can also filter the event logs based on a specific resource to narrow down your investigation.

More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Find IP address

Quickly uncover the IP address of your website with our convenient and efficient IP address lookup tool.

Find website location

Easily pinpoint the location of your website using our streamlined location detection tool, and get valuable insights for optimization and targeting.

Featured articles
Sneak Peek
  • Thread dump analysis in APM Insight can offer a comprehensive view of threads in your multi-threaded application, making it easier to identify performance bottlenecks, deadlocks, and blocked threads.

  • New features, new UI: Enhanced custom dashboard

    The Custom Dashboard has been enhanced with expanded functionalities and a redesigned UI, providing users with a seamless experience for aggregating and sharing diverse metrics across infrastructure levels.

  • Site24x7's Report Downloads feature is set to simplify report access

    Site24x7's upcoming Report Downloads feature promises to streamline workflows by facilitating easy access to previously generated reports, saving you time and effort.

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