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Product Updates
Over 100 Azure services, one monitoring solution

We are now extending support for more than 100 Azure resource types. View metrics, export actionable reports, and automate actions as per your requirements coupled with the accuracy of Site24x7.

AppLogs now supports more than 100 log types

AppLogs currently supports more than 100 different log types by default. In addition, you can create custom log types as well to meet your requirements. Watch this short video to learn how to create a custom log type.

Monitor Kubernetes audit logs with AppLogs

Configure Kubernetes audit logs with AppLogs to monitor activities happening in your cluster (i.e., who did what, when, and where), debug issues in your cluster, and troubleshoot permission- and privilege-related role-based access control policy issues.

Effortlessly integrate your accounts with AWS Control Tower

Enable access to your existing and new AWS accounts with AWS Control Tower life cycle events. Automatically discover all the accounts in your organization to be integrated with Site24x7.

IBM AS400/iSeries server monitoring with our plugin integration

Site24x7's IBM AS400/iSeries monitoring plugin integration tracks server availability and performance, helping you to identify and fix issues before they affect end users. Use this plugin to track critical performance metrics, including CPU and storage pool percentages, running jobs, and job queue metrics.

Get a bird's-eye view of your EBS volume inventory

Track Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes and monitor your resources in greater detail and depth with our Amazon EBS volume integration. View your snapshot details, volume size charts, and volume count by type and availability based on the metric data collected.

Plugin integration to monitor Oracle custom database queries

Configure the plugin to track business-critical KPIs from your Oracle database tables by monitoring SQL queries. View the status, output, or execution times of any custom Oracle query, and set threshold-based alerts to get notified when there are inconsistencies or unexpected behavior.

Obtain critical visibility into your EBS snapshot inventory

Analyze your Amazon EBS snapshots and monitor them at the volume level based on snapshot availability with Site24x7-EBS snapshot integration. You can also get snapshot details of the available volumes to create new volumes and gain deep insights about your EBS snapshot inventory.

User-level time zones for reports

Users can generate and view reports for different time zones at the user-level and track the performance and outages of the monitors in their local time zone.

Supporting multiple threshold profiles based on different business hours of the day

The Time-based Threshold Profile helps you configure specific thresholds for a monitor by associating threshold profiles with your desired business hours. You can get alerted based on the thresholds you set in the Time-based Threshold Profile.

Async request tracking for Java applications

The APM Insight Java agent now supports asynchronous function tracking, allowing users to easily track the performance of async functions and web transactions.

Supporting time selection in Custom period in reports

In addition to the option to view reports based on the dates you choose, you can now use the Custom Period option to customize the time for which you wish to see reports.

Free Online Training

Interactive online training by our product specialists with the tips and tricks to utilize your account better and get hands on with industry standard best practices in real time!

Date: 17th to 21st Apr 2023 - 10am AEDT | 10am GMT | 10am PST

Product Webinars

Join our experts for a live session to see how Site24x7 can fit your monitoring needs and help you obtain complete visibility across all infrastructure, applications, and resources in your environment.

Webinar Topic: Reduce tickets to your help desk with StatusIQ

Date: 26th Apr 2023 - 11am AEST | 11am GMT | 11am PDT

More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Namespace server delegation

- Assess the delegation of namespace servers to enhance the performance of the DNS infrastructure using our namespace server delegation tool.

MIME type checker

- Recognize and report on the format of a file from its contents using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type checker tool.

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Check out what's cooking on our end for next month.

  • Waterfall analysis in real user monitoring (RUM)
    The waterfall chart provides invaluable insight into the list of resources created to load a page and the time taken for each. It enables you to see how a page is loaded and which requests took the longest time, allowing you to pinpoint where to focus on performance optimization for that page.
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