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Product updates

Disk Queue Length Monitoring

Start observing the number of operations waiting to access your disk. Time to heed the operations queued up to utilize the disk space.

Challenge: Higher disk queue length values indicate that the volume cannot keep up with the requests from the application, resulting in higher response times.

Solution: Monitor the average disk queue length counter on Linux servers with our ready-to-install plugin integration. Analyze disk usage and get notified on disk performance issues instantly.

Automate actions on your Azure VMs

Orchestrate your Azure VM termination with our IT Automation. Hands-free automation to stop your Azure VMs.

Challenge: Consider monitoring 100 VMs in a production environment. Some of the VMs are underutilized/idle for a long time. It's advisable to stop the VMs rather than getting billed for them at the end of the month. When the number is large, taking any action on these machines would be a manually daunting task.

Solution: Activate the Stop VM IT Automation template to automatically stop these VMs.

AWS guidance report now suggests optimal EC2 instance types for right-sizing.

Challenge: Billed for underutilized EC2 instances. Difficult to identify an alternative instance type for better optimization.

Solution: For the best practice 'Underutilized EC2 instance', we now suggest an EC2 instance type for better optimization.

VMware Horizon Monitoring

Get assured of the performance of your VDI using VMware Horizon monitoring.

Challenge: When working via VMware View Connection Servers, sys admins are unaware of end user experience issues like hanging applications, slow sessions, and which virtual desktops are using up more resources.

Solution: By monitoring VMware Horizon, sys admins can ensure a hassle-free user experience by analyzing the connected infrastructure, knowing connections that use up resources, plan for the future based on usage trends, and set limits to curb resource exhaustion.

Other updates

WordPress plugin to monitor user-experience in real-time

Monitor the performance of your websites built in WordPress and Wix using Site24x7 Real User Monitoring(RUM). Gather insights on your front-end performance across various geographies, devices and browsers. Troubleshoot easily by instantly identifying JS errors and optimize end-user experience. Learn more.

New recommendations added to the AWS guidance report

Challenge: Are there any unused EC2 Elastic IP addresses? Are you sure your S3 bucket policies are only allowing SSL-bound requests? Is your GuardDuty enabled? Does your Lambda functions have VPC configuration enabled?

Solution: These questions and more can now be answered with our new best practice checks added for AWS services including S3, EC2, ElasticSearch, GuardDuty, and Lambda functions.

A recap on our Rest API monitoring potentials.

REST API is an architectural pattern that allows communication between different software on the same device or over a huge network. RESTful APIs are used by developers to create crucial web services like mobile banking or healthcare.

Challenge: Unavailable or slow APIs can disappoint your customers leading to loss of reputation and revenue. Moreover guaranteeing API Service quality, proactively identifying issues before it affects customers or service, and taking appropriate remedial actions are all some major challenges.

Solution: With our REST API monitoring feature track the uptime and performance of your secured API endpoints authenticated using Basic/NTLM, or OAuth 2. Ensure backward compatibility by monitoring APIs across your application. You can also monitor multi-step transactions using our REST API Transaction monitor.

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