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Share live reports via your own portal or website.

Site24x7 now provides you the option to make your monitoring reports public. With this new enhancement, you can share live reports with your colleagues and partners via your own portal or website by integrating Site24x7 reports.

Eager to research or comment on the performance of high traffic websites such as a ticket booking portal? You can now monitor it with Web Page Analyzer monitor and publish your findings with a report embedded from Site24x7. See one such sample report here in our Facebook page.

You can embed reports in your website using an iFrame or publish reports via a permalink. Publish report option is available in all the report types with Site24x7.

Did You Know?

You can configure to receive down alerts only when your site is reported down from all selected locations.

  1. Login to Site24x7 account and navigate to any monitor configuration.
  2. Under Downtime Configuration choose Report site as down on failure from.
  3. Choose All selected locations from the drop down list.

A look into some of our exciting upcoming releases.

  1. Site24x7 app for iPhone
  2. Windows process, services and network utilization monitoring enhancements to existing Server Monitoring feature.

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