Site24x7 July 2021
Product updates

VMware Snapshot Monitoring

Monitor the size and age of snapshots in a datastore, view top VMs based on snapshot count and size, and visualize the VM-snapshot hierarchy to identify where a particular snapshot is located.

Forecasting for AWS monthly budget

Obtain an idea about your expected cloud cost for an ongoing month using Forecast. CloudSpend's Forecast option for Business Units can help organizations in assessing the split-up expenditure for individual units and take measures to reduce the monthly budget.

Monitor React Native apps with Mobile APM

Understand and optimize the performance of your mobile applications built in React Native platform with Mobile APM. Track key performance metrics, spot errors as they occur, simulate application crashes, and deliver a seamless end-user experience. Learn more.

Other updates

Current and archived findings added for Amazon GuardDuty integration

Obtain region-wise and resource-wise overview of current findings and archived findings from your GuardDuty service.

Software Updates Monitoring

Effective software update management can help overcome security issues, maintain operational efficiency, and stability of IT infrastructure. Install our ready-to-install plugin integration and monitor software updates done to client servers in enterprise environments.

Assign admins for specific monitor groups

Site24x7 now allows you to assign admins for specific monitor groups. This will help admins to manage the group level monitors alone, while restricting visibility into other group monitors. Admins can modify/delete resources which they created for managing the group.

Learning Center

Share your technical knowledge with thousands of users. Write for Site24x7!

Are you a passionate writer with good technical knowledge? We invite you to write technical content on diverse topics - from big data to serverless computing. Get your articles placed under Site24x7's Learning Center and reach different communities including, cloud, DevOps, and SRE engineers. Register here with your original content if you are interested!

Security is our focus!

While enhancing security continuously, Site24x7 is taking another leap in the process.

With a dedicated RED team for Site24x7 now, we are putting more efforts in identifying issues, resolving them faster, and ensuring customer data is secure with no unauthorized access. Also, the team will keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry and address loopholes the hackers might be trying to exploit. You can now deploy Site24x7 for monitoring your resources confidently.

Site24x7 Security Updates

Site24x7 takes security vulnerabilities more seriously and had responded to few concerns in social platform recently. We will be posting the updates about our security improvements in our community forum post. Follow this topic to know more.

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