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Safeguard your networks against potential threats with our NCM tool

Achieve network configuration compliance by tracking adherence to industry standards like Cisco IOS, SOX, HIPAA, the PCI DSS, or any custom organizational policies with our network configuration manager.

With network configuration compliance, you can:

  • Employ custom rules and policies for adhering to industry or organizational requirements.
  • Check if any device is not compliant with the latest standards.
  • Promptly implement solutions, such as updating device firmware or applying patch fixes, to prevent any security risks.
Unveiling out-of-the-box PostgreSQL database monitoring solution

The all new PostgreSQL database monitoring benefits users from real-time performance tracking, instant alerts, and auto-discovery for PostgreSQL databases, ensuring high availability, optimal performance, and database health. Gain comprehensive insights into critical performance indicators such as cache hit ratio, database size, rows fetched/returned, and transaction details with the out-of-the-box PostgreSQL monitoring.

Enhancing OpenShift application performance with Kubernetes monitoring

Enterprises leveraging OpenShift for container orchestration can face challenges in maintaining optimal performance across a diverse range of containerized applications. Implementing Kubernetes monitoring with OpenShift integration enables enterprises to gain a comprehensive view of all containerized applications running on OpenShift through unified dashboards and reports.

Auto RUM injection for Java applications

Elevate your understanding of a web application's operational efficiency with Real User Monitoring (RUM), as it provides precise insights into the end-user journey and overall experience. Enable RUM effortlessly in your Java applications through the Auto RUM Injection feature, which will be automatically activated for Java agent versions 6.4 and above.

Get enhanced visibility into your Amazon RDS Proxy infrastructure with Site24x7

Manage your database connections, identify and troubleshoot problems, optimize performance, and ensure that your RDS Proxy deployments are secure with Site24x7 - Amazon RDS Proxy integration. This integration also helps you to monitor the CloudWatch metrics and sends alerts when threshold breaches occur for your integrated monitor.

Deploy MongoDB monitoring plugins in bulk using Ansible automation

You can now automate the MongoDB plugin installation across all your servers using our Ansible playbook, saving time and effort as well ensuring consistent deployment. The playbook checks and installs prerequisite dependency modules, along with the plugin on all your servers, and helps prevent errors that can arise from manual installation. Explore our GitHub repository for detailed instructions on the playbook and deploy the plugin seamlessly across servers.

Monitor Azure Network Traffic with AppLogs

Gain unparalleled traffic visibility of Azure network security groups (NSG) and activity with AppLogs, now supporting Azure NSG Flow logs.

Enhanced outage management: Bulk actions and resource filtering

Effortlessly manage multiple outages at once. Also, add comments, delete selected outages, or mark the selected outages as maintenance using our Bulk Action feature. Experience simplified outage handling with our direct outage addition and Resource Type Filter options for smooth issue resolution.

Managing your resource check profile is now easier

If you are a regular user of our resource checks, cloning one resource check profile with all configurations is now one click away. You can clone an entire profile and apply it to any other server or make necessary modifications.

Obtain enhanced visibility and control for your Amazon VPC with Site24x7

Analyze the network traffic within your Amazon VPC environment and make informed decisions to maintain a secure cloud environment with Site24x7's integration with Amazon VPC. Obtain critical insights about your VPC components such as regions, availability zones, subnets, and network interfaces with this integration.

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More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Compare website performance

Test your website speed to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks caused by third party domains and scripts.


Find out if your favourite service is down now or having issues using Downradar.

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