Site24x7 January 2021
Product updates

Analyze web page components using a real browser - Monitor all components of a web page including CSS, images, links loaded from third-party websites, and AJAX requests. Verify content accuracy and measure end-user satisfaction with Apdex scores.

Monitor Azure Storage - Track the usage and get notified on issues relating to resources like Storage Accounts, Blobs, Queues, Tables, Files, and monitor all your Azure resources in a single platform.

Ensure complete visibility into AWS VDI - Track the in-session latency, number of failed connections, number of users connected, and usage report of Amazon WorkSpaces by monitoring AWS VDI to improve the user performance.

Other product updates

Windows Updates Monitoring - Ensure all your servers are up-to-date with the latest Windows updates. Also, view the complete history of updates installed in your servers for future reference.

Integration with Amazon Inspector - Improve your Amazon Web Services (AWS) security by delving deeper into Inspector findings for actionable insights. Obtain real-time control over Inspector findings, and track the results over time.

Monitor JMX metrics - Gain additional insights into your Java application performance. These metrics are captured by default for renowned app servers and can be viewed under App parameters, from APM Insight Java agent version 5.0.

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