Get more out of Docker Monitoring.

In addition to monitoring Docker containers and real-time events, get insights on frequently used container images, and stay updated on the image versions deployed across hosts in large environments.

Reinventing hybrid monitoring with AI and automation.

Switching between physical servers and VMs? Learn how to manage your hybrid cloud environment with AI and automation efficiently.

GA for SNMP Trap Processing.

Stay on top of network device issues with instantly processed trap messages and alerts. Set multiple thresholds and rearm conditions to decide when to receive notifications.

Introducing Distributed Tracing in APM Insight.

You can now track transactions made from one application to another across multiple application types and microservices. With Distributed Tracing, you can narrow down the root cause of a problem with ease.

Amazon MQ integration.

Gain deep visibility into key metrics from your messaging infrastructure to ensure that your brokers are sending and receiving messages properly. Additionally, create an automation action profile to set thresholds and get alerted when they're breached.

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