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Product Updates
Amazon API Gateway route monitoring

Discover, monitor, visualize, and receive alerts on API execution metrics for all your Amazon API Gateway routes at the HTTP and WebSocket levels, and track the route to different stages.

Integrate data from the CloudWatch agent with your Amazon EC2 server

Obtain better visibility into your EC2 instances by monitoring in-depth metrics. Collect detailed metrics for your Windows and Linux servers by integrating with the CloudWatch agent.

Search, filter, and navigate quickly with the enhanced search option

You can now use the updated search bar option in the Site24x7 web client to filter your resources or to navigate to specific pages. Carry out quick searches by typing in the resource name; query-based searches using the supported filters, criteria, or conditions; and command-based searches using /commands.

Track alerts as tickets with Site24x7-Zoho Desk integration

Convert any Down, Trouble, or Critical alerts from Site24x7 into tickets in Zoho Desk by integrating your Site24x7 account with Zoho Desk. Once the incidents are resolved in Site24x7, the tickets will be automatically closed in the Zoho Desk portal.

StatusIQ integration with your business' mobile app

Communicate the status of all your services with your customers by integrating StatusIQ's software development kit with your mobile app. With this, you can ensure that your customers are kept informed about the status availability of your services from anywhere, anytime.

Tightly integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7

Integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7 to use the supported IT Automation options like Invoke URL/REST API and third-party services like webhook integration to efficiently manage CloudSpend notifications using Site24x7 alarms.

Record transactions by configuring your preferred device resolution

You can configure resolutions according to the device and record transactions for tablets or mobile devices besides desktop devices. This feature is available in both Web Page Speed and Web Transaction monitors.

Advanced search filter in APM traces

Sort the required traces by defining multiple custom search criteria and apply actions to your filtered traces with the click of a button.

Gain insights into the top 5 processes with the Top Process chart

Identify and track the processes that use the maximum CPU and memory with the help of the Top Process chart. This chart renders an exhaustive view of the top 5 processes for the last hour that might affect your server performance and helps you to stay on top of outages.

Easily track your exceptions and errors for applications like Django, WildFly, PHP-FPM, and IBM MQ

You can now monitor your Top Error Codes and Top Error Reasons in your Queue Manager, Top Slow PHP Scripts, and Top Error Occurring Modules and Exceptions in your Wildfly applications instantly with AppLogs. You will also be notified with alerts and can view more metrics like these with an informative dashboard.

Free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Avoid source code conflicts with Site24x7's free Diff Checker

Our Diff Checker allows you to compare the content of two different files in no time. Get a live summary of the changes instantly.

URL Encoder/Decoder

Encode the special characters to a standard form and decode the encoded data to a human-readable format with Site24x7's URL Encoder/Decoder for free!

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