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Who let you down? Your Webhost, His ISP or Your own App; Identify with Root Cause Analysis.

Root Cause Analysis | Did You Know?

Whenever a downtime occurs you are always left with the guessing game, is it my applications/web server or my hosting provider or his ISP? The answer is that you really don’t know. After a few frustrating email exchanges with your hosting provider and his ISP and some Google search, you finally realize that it’s your web server who is the culprit.

Downtime screenshot
Ping analysis and DNS analysis
Traceroute analysis

Site24x7 Root Cause Analysis (RCA) helps you leap frog this particular scenario and directly takes you to the point where it matters – the point where you know what caused the downtime.

RCA has a wide range of statistics which helps you to zero-in on the real cause. A simple traceroute analysis helps you to quickly understand if any ISP is blocking the traffic or if your web hosting provider is causing the problem. With Ping analysis you can quickly find out what was the response time for your server.

Downtime screenshots tell you exactly that what error your website visitor saw when it was down. This kind of information helps you understand the nature of the problem and helps you to quickly address it without wasting too much time. Based on the results, a conclusion on what caused the downtime is also displayed at the end of the report.

RCA can be a handy tool which can help you zero-in on the real culprit of the downtime which affected your internet facing applications and network services.

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Did You Know?

You can now monitor Windows Servers from the cloud in 3 simple steps!

  1. Log into your Site24x7 account and create a new Server monitor.
  2. Download and install the Site24x7 Windows Agent in your Server.
  3. Access your Site24x7 account to view critical Server performance metrics being monitored.

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