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Year-end updates

With the end of an eventful year, we have carved our year-end wrap up around the theme of how IT resilience plays a vital role in ensuring the continuity of business operations, minimizing downtime, and maintaining customer trust.

Here's some of our top releases in 2023.

You can start leveraging IT infrastructure with numerous features that allow you to monitor your server health down to the CPU-core level, using our agents that are more robust and less resource hungry.

Another crucial aspect would be support for OpenAI, which is being adopted by organizations to provide great value and streamlined user experience. Site24x7 launched OpenAI observability, offering valuable insights, model-wise cost analysis, detailed logging, error identification, and more.

To help achieve network resilience, we have always been ahead of trends that enhance observability, resilience, and integrity across different network types, including on-premises and cloud networks.

In the cloud monitoring front, we introduced many features and enhancements that shape the way you monitor and manage AWS resources. In Azure, we have set new standards for observability in the public cloud. For Google Cloud monitoring, we expanded support from six service types to 21 and also extended organization-level monitoring support to help enterprises view their resources better.

A few updates for digital experience monitoring include gRPC monitoring and REST API monitoring enhancements, Lighthouse reports to provide performance optimization recommendations for your website, easy Javascript error debugging with source maps, and more.

For all our releases in a nutshell, you can skim through our year-end infographics.

With those quick updates covered, we would like to bid farewell to 2023. Keep an eye on our community page for our 2024 product roadmap because we are building even more exciting and robust tools to provide you with digital, network, and cloud resilience—all in a single pane. Thanks for choosing Site24x7, the platform where technology perfectly aligns with monitoring!

Happy New Year from all us at Site24x7!

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