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Scalable monitoring for your hybrid infrastructure

Read through Site24x7's ITOM data sheet to learn how it offers single-console visibility across technologies and platforms and allows you to manage your hybrid IT infrastructure with advanced monitoring capabilities powered by AIOps.

Kubernetes troubleshooting made easier with event logs

It is a tiring process to look through your nodes, pods, clusters, and containers in your Kubernetes environment to pinpoint a specific event. With Site24x7's Event Logs, you can view the event logs of all pods and nodes, simplifying your organization's troubleshooting and maintenance.

MySQL NDB Cluster monitoring for your distributed database management systems

If your business continuity is dependent on MySQL NDB Clusters, we recommend you to setup MySQL NDB Cluster monitoring. Our dashboards give you a bird's eye view of all your system KPIs so you can fine-tune your databases and clusters to optimize availability, fault-tolerance, and scalability.

Next.js monitoring for modern web applications

The Node.js agent now supports the Next.js framework, which provides instrumentation for server-side rendering and middleware.

Systemd metrics to keep track of your Linux services

Ensure seamless operations and minimize service disruptions with the new systemd monitoring plugin integration. Track active resources for optimal service performance, detect and troubleshoot systemd errors faster, and ensure system stability through unit tracking and version monitoring.

gRPC monitoring for efficient communication between distributed systems

Consider that you have a streaming platform and you want to monitor whether it is available and streaming without interruptions. This can be tracked by creating a Site24x7 Google Remote Procedure Call (gRPC) monitor to check the client-server communication in real-time. This can be done by configuring Health Status Checks. You can also check the health of your applications by checking the performance of your RPC.

Add URLs in bulk for the ease of monitoring

Submit your sitemaps for monitoring, get them scanned at preferred intervals, and get new monitors added or deleted in Site24x7, depending on the URL addition or removal. Reduce manual work by adding URLs in bulk or in CSV format for Website, Web Page Speed (Browser), Ping, and Port monitors.

Simplify log comparison for troubleshooting real-time application issues

Troubleshooting real-time application issues often includes comparing logs from various sources. The related log templates feature simplifies this by letting you compare logs from different log types using a defined template and reduces manual effort.
Tidbit: Refer to this how-to video to compare multiple fields in one log type with another by creating a related template.

Procstat monitoring integration for critical processes

View metric usage and obtain a detailed analysis of the processes in your integrated Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) monitor with Procstat monitoring integration. It enables you to monitor the resource usage of one or more processes and configure thresholds and receive alerts when a process is in Up, Down, Critical, or Trouble status.

Define precise timeframes for Scheduled Reports

With the time period selection functionality within Scheduled Reports, you can define precise timeframes to generate reports. For example, you can easily generate a report every week with the data from the last 30 days using this feature. This way, you can align data reports with intervals that best suit your preferences.

Product Webinars

Join our experts for a live session to see how Site24x7 can fit your monitoring needs and help you obtain complete visibility across all infrastructure, applications, and resources in your environment.

Webinar Topic:
Achieve 100% compliance by fool-proofing monitoring solutions for your AWS Ecosystem

Date: 13th Sept. 2023 - 10am GMT | 10am PDT

Webinar Topic:
Get expert tips for managing multi-step synthetic transactions and optimising workflows

Date: 27th Sept. 2023 - 10am GMT | 10am PDT

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More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Whois Lookup

Use this tool and get complete insights into a domain's ownership, technical details, and the owner's contact information.

Alibaba Infrastructure Designer Tool

Create, plan, and visualise complex cloud architectures and setups efficiently. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can place components on the canvas and see how they work.

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