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Product updates - Infrastructure monitoring

Configuration rules support server processes - Finding it difficult to apply a particular tag to all the MySQL processes running across multiple server monitors? With configuration rules, select the process name 'MySQL' as the criteria and associate the tags as an action, this would apply the tag to all the MySQL processes.

Relative time-based alerting for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in logs - Configure alerts for query results to track and compare KPIs between the present value and a previous period. These alerts can be helpful when there is any significant drop or rise in KPIs like exception counts.

Assess the performance impact of app updates and enhancements - Measure the impact of a product update or a new feature/version release of your application by marking milestones. Compare the changes in application performance with every app update cycle and also between the corresponding milestones.

Product updates - Cloud monitoring

Looking to optimize your AWS resources? - View and analyze the best practice recommendations for your AWS infrastructure at each resource level to optimize costs, close security gaps, and improve fault tolerance. With resource-level best practice checks, you can assess the under-utilized or over-utilized resources, from your dashboard and take appropriate measures.

Monitor every instance under a VM scale set - Install the server monitoring agent extension to monitor the performance and understand the resource utilization of every VM instance under a scale set for optimum planning.


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