More Bulk Installation options to make agent deployment even easier!

You can now install the Linux and Windows agents via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and DigitalOcean User Interface (only for Linux agents). Learn more.

Monitor managed and unmanaged disks in your enterprise Azure deployment.

Keep an eye on the disk performance to detect any issues that could impact your VM application. Ensure the VM has optimal storage usage, and is not affected by any disk performance bottlenecks. Learn more.

Deeper application performance metrics in Custom Dashboard.

You can now view application metrics like traces, throughput, errors and exceptions in custom dashboard.

New AWS integrations to run more smoothly in the cloud.

Route 53: Collect metrics related to Route 53 heath checkers, track the number of DNS queries forwarded from your on-premises network to VPCs and vice versa for Route 53 resolver endpoints, and extract useful information reported in query log entries for public hosted zones.

Elasticsearch service: Know when to update your ES domain configuration. Monitor detailed cluster and storage level metrics including Java heap memory used, read/write latency and total used space and more.

CloudSearch: Better manage your search domain. Observe and alert on metrics like successful requests, index utilization, searchable documents to make informed decisions about configuring scaling options.

AppLogs: Monitor the logs stored in your S3 buckets using SQS. You can configure a Log Profile for any log type stored in the S3 Buckets in your Amazon environment and send it to Site24x7 for monitoring.

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