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Thread dump analysis to identify performance bottlenecks

Thread dump analysis in APM Insight offers a comprehensive view of the threads in your multi-threaded application, making it easier to identify performance bottlenecks, deadlocks, and blocked threads. It also provides critical information such as thread states, stack traces, and resource usage. Enhance understanding of the root causes and simplify the process of optimizing your application for improved performance with clear data visualization using thread dump analysis.

Comprehensive CosmosDB monitoring of your Azure resources

Track all your Azure Cosmos database resources including MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Gremlin, NoSQL, Table, and PostgreSQL Cluster and get notified before any deviation impacts your resources. Spot them with the Top and Bottom N reports and optimize your databases for 100% uptime with a thorough knowledge on resource utilization.

Stay organized with Kubernetes Namespace monitoring and track any deviation

Keep an eye on important metrics to ensure the smooth functioning of your cluster namespace environment. These metrics include CPU and memory utilization, pod requests and limits, and other essential performance indicators. Stay informed about your resources and optimize them for maximum potential by regularly monitoring these metrics and setting up alerts.

Optimize your disk performance with disk queue length monitoring

High disk queue length leads to unexplained high latency, but not anymore with disk queue length monitoring. A higher average disk queue length drags your disk performance down, skyrockets your latency SLIs(service level indicators), and in worst case scenarios crash your server. Site24x7's server monitoring agent now monitors your disk average queue length along with more than 80 health and performance metrics.

Database lock monitoring for a healthy PostgreSQL database infrastructure

Database locks are an important metric to monitor in both the PostgreSQL operating system and its database. Numerous operations within a short span may disrupt the usual functioning of your database and causing numerous locks

Navigate through your data using powerful yet simple query language

Discover insights faster with AppLogs Query Language Search. As part of our extensive list of supported operators, we now offer percentile for average timeslice queries. By combining percentile, timeslice, and aggregation, you can compare percentile values over specific time intervals.

Seamlessly analyze and manage your GCP cloud bills

ManageEngine CloudSpend's integration with GCP simplifies your cloud cost management and enables you to optimize your GCP spending. Gain comprehensive insights into your cloud expenditure to eliminate resource waste and lower your overall cloud expenses.

Identify cost anomalies and optimize your cloud costs

Obtain a granular view of the anomalies in cost detected for your cloud accounts with the Zia Anomaly Report. It collects and analyzes the cloud cost of the past 180 days to predict any unusual spikes in your cloud costs, enabling you to make informed decisions.

More free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:


Streamline the conversion of JSON data structures into Java classes. With its easy-to-use copy-and-paste method, this tool saves time, reduces errors, promotes consistency, and increases efficiency.


Bridge the gap between systems that use JSON and those that rely on XML by using this tool for smoother integration.

Featured articles
Sneak Peek
  • Adding network devices just got a lot simpler Our network monitoring will soon support adding multiple devices through CSV file imports.

  • Growing number of devices making IP address management more complex? Scan, track, and manage IP addresses using our IPAM feature.

  • Enhanced capabilities in Layer 2 maps Our UI enhancements let you view more devices at once, find any device in your network, trace traffic flow by hovering over a node, and access other intuitive features.

  • ISP historic traceroute data Understand past network performance and routing behavior.

  • Async request tracking Support for asynchronous calls in the APM Insight .NET agent

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