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Product Updates
Site24x7 is now a verified Terraform provider

Use Terraform to manage your resources in Site24x7. DevOps engineers can now deploy and handle their Site24x7 resources as easily as they manage their infrastructure using Terraform.

Monitor Prometheus metrics with Site24x7

With the Prometheus integration for Site24x7, an all-in-one metrics aggregation and alerting toolkit, you can generate user-specific reports, create custom dashboards, receive instant alerts, and use IT automations to resolve issues in real time.

Gain better insights over vSphere clusters with Site24x7

Monitor the clusters in your VMware environment effectively and analyze various metrics such as total storage, memory, and CPU utilization along with information about clusters and Distributed Resource Schedulers with Site24x7.

AWS Lambda function URL using Site24x7

The AWS Lambda function URL helps you to execute a URL with a public endpoint and simplify serverless deployments. You can now automate the serverless workflows by integrating the AWS Lambda function URL with Site24x7.

Filter unwanted .NET Core applications running as standalone processes or as Windows services

Exclude unwanted .NET Core applications (running as standalone processes or as Windows services) from being monitored by Site24x7 APM Insight. This will filter unwanted applications, resulting in the most efficient use of your license.

Search your logs quickly with Relative Time Search

Find your logs easily by providing the relative time expression such as days, hours, or minutes in the date picker. You can instantly view the results by providing the data in the required format.

Multiple instance monitoring for Redis and MongoDB plugins

Monitor multiple instances without having to duplicate in each server. This feature is now available in Site24x7's Redis and MongoDB plugins.

Free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Browser Fingerprint Test

Detect suspicious activity on your browser! Examine your browser to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting with our Site24x7 Browser Fingerprint Test.

TLS checker

This tool will help you to quickly verify and check which version of TLS is enabled for your domain or CDN along with the different ciphers and their key strengths.

Featured articles
Sneak Peek
  • Site24x7-Telegram Integration
  • Amazon S3 Folder monitoring: Monitor your S3 virtual folders to collect storage and object modification metrics, the object count, and the folder count at the individual folder levels.

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