years of Site24x7

Crafting a unified, scalable monitoring
solution for your IT and DevOps teams

Since our launch in 2007, our aim has been to build an agile, scalable, and purpose-driven solution for your business — a platform that evolves with your IT infrastructure,
helping systems stay ready, reliable, and secure.

15billion real sessions monitored
2million resources monitored
600+ technologies monitored

Fifteen years ago, Zoho's IT management division, ManageEngine pioneered the building of Site24x7 as a modern monitoring product to meet the demands of an emerging cloud-first IT world.
Built by converging the company's expertise gathered from monitoring on-premise IT infrastructure, Site24x7 has now emerged to be a world-leading super app for IT monitoring serving companies of all sizes.

In every step, you have been our focus

While most businesses focus on availability, performance, and scalability, we've learned over the years that organizations also need their systems to be flexible, more intelligent, and able to deliver seamless experiences to customers.

As in the past 15 years, and this year too, our focus has been to help you in the journey. Here are some highlights from 2022.

Helping you deliver the
best user experience

Website monitoring

Maximizing performance globally

Ensure that your page is available for customers from multiple locations, minimize downtime, and fix performance snags of your website.

1.25 billion browser checks
Website security monitoring

Prioritizing website security

Get notified about defacements; blocklisted URLs, IP addresses, or domain names; and certificate expirations to ensure customer trust and guard your business reputation.

192 million defacement checks
Real user monitoring

Visualizing your customers' journey

Put yourself in your customers' shoes and optimize user interactions in real time.

15 billion pages monitored

Staying awake,
so you don’t have to

Server monitoring

Ensuring business continuity

Help IT teams take corrective action to resume services and cut the cost of downtime.

5 million outages detected
Network monitoring

Set back? Bounce back

Automatically detect unauthorized network configuration changes and restore your backups.

1 million network configs backed up
ISP latency monitoring

Assessing the stability of your networks

Analyze connectivity issues along your network path to flag speed breakers, so your traffic takes the best route.

678 million trace routes analyzed

Ensuring seamless
multi-cloud coverage

AWS monitoring

Guiding you through the cloud

Out-of-the-box recommendations to analyze, optimize, and adapt your deployments on AWS.

200+ AWS best practices implemented
Microsoft Azure monitoring

Steer clear of observability blind spots

Resolve performance issues with predictive analysis and anomaly detection for over 100 Azure services with 100% accuracy.

53 billion Azure API calls
Kubernetes monitoring

Stay on top of your deployments

Optimize cluster performance to facilitate better workload management.

8 billion Kubernetes checks

Observe and optimize
your APM game

Application performance monitoring

Empower your SREs, one metric at a time

Save time and effort across the application life cycle with insights on the performance of back-end code.

22 trillion APM metrics captured
Log management

Reduce MTTR with proactive insights

Derive quick and actionable insights from over 100 log types to pinpoint issues effectively.

600 billion log lines indexed
Plugin integrations

Make any app observable, anytime, anywhere

See the performance of apps, services, and processes unique to your business with custom plugins and over 100 popular integrations.

78 billion custom metrics collected

Making your systems smarter


Self-healing IT incidents

Remediate anomalies with AI-driven IT automation.

49 million auto healing actions
Third party integrations

Analyze, manage, collaborate

Send monitoring alerts to the apps of your choice.

50 million alerts sent through third-party services

Keeping customers in the loop

Proactively notify customers in real time about incidents and scheduled maintenance.

900 thousand incidents communicated

Fast enablement. Faster resolution.

44K support queries resolved
72 global events
7 Site24x7 seminars








Some more love from our customers

Together, we go further

Follow our what's new page for the latest in store at Site24x7, and engage with us on our Site24x7 community page. Built based on customer feedback, this product roadmap page provides you a sneak peek into what's brewing at Site24x7.