Website Defacement Monitoring

Ensure integrity of your website and gain protection from web page vandalism using Site24x7's Website Defacement Monitoring. Identify web page tampering at the earliest, detect any broken links and neutralize all defacements to keep your business reputation intact.
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Why is website defacement monitoring super critical for your online business?

Website defacement refers to an unauthorized attack on your web page or entire website; mutilating its structure partially or wholly. It may include insertion of potentially hazardous content, images, malicious code, or even deletion of the same. In some cases, instances like code injections can even put your customer's data in grave danger. A defaced web page can thus inflict severe damage to your business reputation and reliability.

Site24x7 Website Defacement Monitor - Key benefits:

  • Early spotting of major to minor defacements on your website including, unauthorized addition or modification of HTML elements such as text, script, image, link, iframe, anchor tag
  • Scans entire web page for broken links and other quality issues
  • Identify changes in an HTML element's 'href' or 'src' attributes to a previously unused domain name
  • Ability to recover a defaced webpage in a single click
  • Early identification of security infringements
  • Negate any impact on search engine page rank and traffic due to a defaced web page
  • Mitigate any attempts to hijack your website and safeguard your brand image.

Identify broken links via standard checks.

Site24x7 uses a baseline document object model (DOM) to analyze differences and perform defacement checks during subsequent polls. It morphs itself into a broken link checker, which not only detects any broken links in your DOM but also identifies where exactly those incorrect references locate in your HTML code. Below are the key aspects tested while performing a standard check:

  • Image defacement: Identify 'src' attribute changes with respect to the images present in the website page.
  • Script defacement: Identify changes with respect to the scripts embedded and detect any 'src' attribute change for the external script
  • Anchor defacement: Identify 'href' attribute changes in the anchor links present in the website page
  • Iframe defacement: Identify 'src' attribute changes in the iframe element and notify if there is a change in the domain name in the configured URL
  • Link defacement: Identify 'href' attribute changes in the link element of the website page

  • Text defacement: Identify any content changes with respect to the visible content in the rendered website page
  • Text modified percentage: Identify the percentage change in content against the base DOM content
  • Script modified percentage: Identify the percentage change in script against the base DOM view.

Recover a defaced web page.

There are two monitor statuses for a Website Defacement Monitor; namely, "Changed" or "Defaced".

During a website poll, if the web page is detected as defaced, the monitor's status will be identified as "Changed" and the polled version will automatically overwrite the baseline version. You can view the details about the change by visiting the web page's defacement details page.

If you find that an external agent has vandalised your web page without your prior knowledge, you can instantly click the "Mark the page as defaced" link to revert to the previously baseline version. If due to some reason, the mutilated version is unattended for an hour, the content will then be automatically updated.

Whether you have a hugely popular blog or getting just a few visitors per day, you still want to make sure that your site is up and running all the time; and that no hackers have sprayed graffiti on your blog with the intention of defacing your website. In either of these emergency situations, you want to be notified immediately by email or an SMS on your mobile phone and Site24x7 will help you with just that.


Advanced web content integrity check and intelligent baselining.

A DOM for a web page lists each element that appears on the web page, including content, links, style specifications, scripts and more.

A headless browser PhantomJS is used to detect changes to the DOM caused by execution of JavaScript and other dynamically loaded content. Site24x7 compares the current DOM to previously recorded DOM. It helps to identify any defacements and maintain content integrity.

During the monitor setup process, you can either manually set the monitor threshold configuration or enable auto detection of the content and script threshold value. In the auto mode, the monitoring engine will fetch each web page twice consecutively to discover the content and script modified threshold and will update it. The base web page content is automatically baselined for future monitoring.

Proactive alerting and intuitive dashboard for troubleshooting.

Whenever any changes are detected, alerts are automatically triggered to notify the relevant user alert group members. Alerts can be configured as email, Voice, SMS, Twitter DMs, or IMs.

    Site24x7's dashboard for website defacement monitor helps you pinpoint any web tampering, aid in troubleshooting issues, and help stay on top of web defacements. Below are the key features offered by the web defacement dashboard:
  • Real-time defacement status and summary of upto 10 configured web pages, including the percentage of text and script modified, actual reason behind the defacement
  • Indepth defacement details of individual web pages including the defaced elements and their actual modified value
  • Defacement history of the configured monitor
  • Ability to export reports as PDFs and share it via email.

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