Server monitoring simplified.

Stay on top of server outages and performance issues using Site24x7 server monitoring tool. Monitor your entire infrastructure and get in-depth visibility into key performance indicators of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X servers in your data center.

Start monitoring 10 servers for just $9/month. Try out our free server monitoring feature.

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Monitor Windows and Linux server performance.

Get deep visibility into critical Windows server metrics like CPU, memory usage, disk utilization, services and processes and more. Identify and resolve performance or availability issues in no time.

Proactively monitor your Linux and FreeBSD servers and identify performance degradation. Create custom plugins and monitor your entire stack with our open ecosystem.

Monitor Microsoft apps.

Analyze performance and monitor critical Microsoft apps like Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL, BizTalk, SharePoint, Office 365, Active Directory, Failover Cluster. Get actionable insights and stay on top of performance issues with instant alerts.

Monitor unlimited metrics with our 50+ out-of-the-box plugin integrations. Create custom plugins using our open ecosystem and analyze performance data that matters.

Monitor operational health for key AWS infrastructure components. Gather performance metrics for EC2 , RDS , DynamoDB , ELB and SNS topics, to ensure optimum resource usage round-the-clock.

Track the performance and availability of Docker containers and analyze key metrics such as CPU usage, cache memory, bytes received and transmitted, network in/out and more.

Discover your entire virtual infrastructure and maximize VMware ESX/ESXi server uptime. Ensure your virtualization environment runs at peak performance always.

Additionally, monitor resources behind the firewall like application and database servers, intranet portals, ERP systems, and payroll.

Automatically discover devices in your network and continuously monitor critical metrics and performance of network devices. Analyze performance of routers, switches, firewalls and other critical network devices.

Add multiple servers in one go.

For Windows, facilitate bulk installation using Remote Commands, Active Directory via Group Policy Object (GPO), Custom Scripts and Remote Installation. For Linux, bulk installation is done via Chef, SaltStack, Puppet and Ansible.

Analyze root cause of downtime.

Accurately find the causes of your server downtime. Site24x7 uses event logs, crash reports, CPU, memory and disk utilization, and processes to give you an in-depth analysis of what caused your server to go down.

Root Cause Analysis
CPU Usage Monitoring

Monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage.

Track key metrics such as CPU usage broken down by processor or by core, interruptions and context switches with Site24x7. Capture critical memory usage metrics by gaining inputs on used and free memory, and memory pages (In/out/fault) to help understand your capacity. Analyze disk utilization and disk (I/O) to help you find the optimal disk capacity and ensure nonstop usage.

Get visibility into network traffic.

Keep a close eye on traffic to determine what capacity your network is running at. Visualize input and output traffic, along with their bandwidth utilization. Gain inputs on:

  • Data sent/received
  • Packets sent/received
  • Error packets
  • Speed and status of the network interface
Network I/O monitoring.
Windows Services

Processes and services monitoring.

Processes and Windows services can be seen in real-time and individually monitored, so you no longer have to wonder which process caused a server spike. Start and stop Windows services from a single console and view all the information in an integrated dashboard.

Monitor resources on your server.

Productively monitor resources available on your server using our Resource Checks. Get instant notification for any violation on URL, Port, File monitoring, Directory monitoring, Windows Event log monitoring and Linux Syslog file monitoring.

Resource Check Profiling

How it works?

  • Download and install the agent in the server.
  • The agent will collect critical metrics such as CPU, memory and disk usage.
  • Configure thresholds and stay alerted during downtime instantaneously.
  • Start / stop services from a mobile device.

Monitor your Windows servers.

Windows Youtube Video

Optimize Linux server performance.

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Server Monitoring Pricing


$10 /mo


(paid annually)

  • Monitor 10 Servers
  • Monitor 1 Windows Advanced Apps
  • Monitor 2 Plugins per Server
  • 50 SMS/Voice credits per month

Features - Monitor your entire server stack

  • Windows, Linux, FreeBSD & OS X Servers
  • Network Monitoring
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • IIS Server, SQL Server & Exchange Server
  • 50+ Out-of-the-box Plugins supported
  • Sharepoint, Office 365 & BizTalk Server
  • Process and Services monitoring
  • Windows Event Log Monitoring
  • Microsoft Failover Cluster Monitoring
  • VMware Hosts, VMs and Docker
  • Microsoft Active Directory Monitoring
  • Linux Syslog Monitoring
  • File, Directory & Resource monitoring
  • SMS & Voice Alerts
  • iOS and Android app
  • SLA Management and Monitor Groups

Add-ons (buy multiple units)

  • Additional 10 Servers (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, ESX Host, EC2 Instances, IIS, SQL, Exchange) : $10/mo
  • Additional 5 Windows Advanced Apps (SharePoint, Active Directory, Failover Cluster, BizTalk) : $60/mo
  • Additional 25 Windows Advanced Apps (SharePoint, Active Directory, Failover Cluster, BizTalk) : $200/mo