Nutanix Monitoring

Monitor your Nutanix infrastructure thoroughly for the health and performance of all the resources and processes in every cluster, host, and virtual machine (VM). Deeply analyze the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor, controller VM (CVM), storage controllers, and containers using different metrics, and obtain an adequate understanding of the complex environment.

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Total visibility into your Nutanix environment

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Keep track of the performance of every disk, content cache, and storage controller in your Nutanix cluster. Managing your clusters is simple with stats and graphs on data transfer rates, latencies, I/O operations, and deduplication.

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Monitor the bandwidth, latency, and I/O operations for every disk, hypervisor, and storage controller in your Nutanix host. Also, analyze the logical and physical memory used and saved in the content cache.

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Virtual Machine

Achieve a deep understanding of your Nutanix VMs by monitoring every VM at the child level. Monitor storage containers, virtual disks, and virtual network interface controllers (NICs), along with controller I/O operations, bandwidth, and latency.

What is Nutanix monitoring?

Nutanix is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) that is a single-platform data center solution for all hardware, software, and multi-platform needs. Since Nutanix offers a wide range of choices from HCI, cloud, and third-party servers to hypervisors, it's essential to monitor all of these comprehensively. Nutanix monitoring is unified monitoring of the performance of all Nutanix resources and processes with timely alerting of issues.

Nutanix performance monitoring

Complete monitoring of Nutanix stack and supported infrastructure

Automatically discover the hosts and VMs associated with your cluster, and monitor the infrastructure at every node. With real-time data from the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor, stay on top of your Nutanix environment with Site24x7's single-console monitoring.

Plan and allocate resources

Plan your resources

With metrics like data transferred from the storage controller, disk, hypervisor, memory saved from deduplication of content cache, and memory used to cache data, perform proper capacity planning for your RAM and storage requirements across resources.

Identify usage trends

View the usage trends for different resources from different platforms in different timelines. Easily capture performance peaks and slopes using intuitive graphs. You can also hand-pick and view your key performance indicators (KPIs) on a custom dashboard for easy analysis.

Track how resources are used
Manage end-to-end performance

Obtain granular performance insights

Optimize and right-size your HCI with performance insights on metrics like disk usage, input-output operations, latencies, and more. Manage the end-to-end performance with category-wise data for every resource using Site24x7's Nutanix Acropolis monitoring.

Configure thresholds and alerts

Set threshold limits for all monitored metrics, including the child-level metrics of storage containers, virtual disks, and virtual NICs and avoid downtime. Receive alerts when your resources are in trouble, critical, and down states through various sources like voice call, SMS, email, and third-party tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Child level monitoring and alerting