Site24x7 vs. ManageEngine OpManager

Complement ManageEngine OpManager with Site24x7

Site24x7 offers comprehensive all-in-one monitoring capabilities to monitor your entire tech infrastructure, including websites, servers, networks, and applications from the cloud. Site24x7's service sits outside the subscribers' data center, so you can easily take advantage of a wider array of notification mechanisms to meet subscribers' needs.

Site24x7 ManageEngine OpManager
Platforms Supported
Delivery Model Built as a SaaS service from the ground up, serving thousands of customers worldwide On-premises
Architecture Model Works with On-Premise Poller that helps monitor internal network/resources behind the firewall On-premise product with Tomcat as the front end and bundled PostgreSQL/custom Microsoft SQL as the back end
Network Monitoring
Automated Network Discovery
Network Device Availability
SNMP-based Network Device Performance Monitoring
Interface Availability and Performance Monitoring
SNMP Trap Parser
Switch Port Mapper
ManageEngine OpUtils is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
IP Address Management
ManageEngine OpUtils is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
Network Traffic Analysis using Flow Technologies
ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
Network Device Configuration Management
ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
Compliance Management for Network Devices
ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
Meraki monitoring
Automated IT Workflow
Cisco IPSLA-based WAN RTT Monitoring
ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is integrated with ManageEngine OpManager
Cisco IPSLA-based VoIP Monitoring
Out-of-the-box Device Templates
Custom Templates for Devices
Network Maps and Data Center Views
Layer 2 Maps
Rack Views
3D Floor View of Data Center
Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring Methodology Agent-based and agentless Agentless
Syslog Monitoring
Event Log Monitoring
File and Directory Monitoring
Not supported for Linux servers
NFS Check
Via Plugin
Microsoft Applications Monitoring
Via APM Plugin
Plugin Integrations
Via APM Plugin
Docker Monitoring
Via APM Plugin
Kubernetes Monitoring
Hadoop Monitoring
Metrics Monitoring
(Prometheus and StatsD)

Via APM Plugin
Cron Monitoring
Via APM Plugin
Heartbeat Monitoring
OSx Monitoring
FreeBSD Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Website Monitoring Outside the Data Center
Internet Services Monitoring Outside Data Center
Global Monitoring Locations
Mobile Device as Monitoring Locations
Synthetic monitoring from Global Locations
Screenshots of Websites for Down Alerts
RCA Report from Geographic Locations for Down Alerts
RCA Report
VMware Monitoring
Nutanix Monitoring
Hyper-V Monitoring
Citrix XenServer Monitoring
Transactions Monitoring (APM Insight)
Via APM plugin
Real User Monitoring
Apdex Scores for Websites and Mail Server RTT
Mobile APM for iOS/Android Apps
Mobile APM for React Native Apps
APM for Java Applications
APM for .NET Applications
APM for .NET Core Applications
APM for Ruby on Rails Applications
APM for Node.js Applications
APM for PHP Applications
APM for Python Applications
Multi-cloud Monitoring
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring
Via APM plugin
Cost Analysis for AWS
Microsoft Azure Monitoring
Via APM plugin
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Monitoring
Via APM plugin
Log Management
Collect and Index Server Logs for Troubleshooting
Support for over 70 Log Types including JSON logs, event logs, syslogs, IIS access logs etc.

Syslog and Firewall log management
Monitor Group-based User Permissions
Multi-factor Authentication
Restrict IP Addresses
Support for Monitor Grouping
Out-of-the-box Reports
Scheduled Reports
Maintenance Schedules
Business Hours
Public Status and Reports
Public Status Page
Public Operations Dashboard
Public Reports
Public Uptime Buttons
HelpDesk ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand ServiceDesk Plus
ManageEngine AlarmsOne
ServiceDesk Plus Cloud
SDP On-Premise
Microsoft Teams
Zoho Analytics
Zoho Desk
ConnectWise Manage
Zoho Cliq
Amazon Event Bridge
via Webhooks
via Webhooks

via Webhooks
via Webhooks

via Webhooks
via Webhooks

via Webhooks
Phone Call
Native Browser Notifications
Push Notifications through Native Mobile Apps
Support for Webhooks
Perpetual Licensing
Pricing and Availability Based on the number of interfaces used. Please refer here for pricing details. Please refer here for pricing details.
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The new ManageEngine OpManager v12 is smoothly integrated with all the products as one bundle for download.

This is what some of our customers have to say:

"Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service."

Sarah Kulp Director of software operations at Informz

"Site24x7 is outstanding in the way it provides a swiss-army knife of various network monitoring tools at an affordable price."

Sridhar Pandurangiah Director of Engineering, Sastra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Site24x7 is great! It's easy to use and I use it as a supplement to our existing monitoring systems which are often changing. The email alerts are really well done!"

Peter Bengtsson

"I often know before my competitors do when their applications go offline. You can't beat information like this! Thank you for providing this valuable service."


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